Who Is Bianca Censors, The Woman Who Took Kim Kardashian’s Place in Kanye West’s Life?


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finally divorced in November last year. Although the socialite filed for divorce in early 2021, it took the ex-couple about a year and a half to formalize it and settle the formalities. And soon after their divorce was finalized, the rapper tied the knot.

Kardashian was in the news because of her affair with SNL comedian Pete Davidson, but it didn’t last long. On the other hand, Ye was also in the news, but less because of his affairs and disputes that cost him his own capital. He was once a billionaire, but now his fortune is only $ 400 million. However, the latest update is that Kanye West recently remarried Bianca Censori, but who is she?

Who is Bianca Censori, the woman rumored to be married to Kanye West?

According to rumors, the woman Ye is marrying is an employee of Yeezy. Her name is Bianca Censori and she is probably the most popular name on the internet in the last 48 hours. She works as a designer at Yeezy, which once contributed $4-5 billion to his fortune.

Remember when Kanye West went missing for a few weeks when 2022 ended? Just a couple of days ago, he was spotted with his rumored wife Censori.


Although the designer Yeezy is not the first woman Ye contacted after the divorce. After 7 years of married life with Kim Kardashian, the rapper began dating former Bradley Cooper and Russian model Irina Shayk. His name was also associated with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox.

However, all these cases did not last long and were not mainly affairs. Nevertheless, this Censor is solid enough to have rumors about a wedding. And judging by the photos of the supposed new Mrs. West, she looks like the mother of Ye’s children, Kim.

Rumors that they would get married began to spread when the rapper was seen with a Censor. According to the Hindustan Times, the couple were spotted wearing wedding rings during dinner and the photos went viral.

Let’s see how long it will take a scandalous music artist to make a statement about the rumors.

Do you think Ye got remarried? If so, tell us in the comments what you think about your new wife.


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