Who is Barry Accius? Witness to the Sacramento shooting and activist


Who is Barry Accius? Sacramento Shooting Witness and activist: After the sudden shooting at a city council meeting on Tuesday in Sacramento, community activist Barry Accius spoke out when residents expressed their concern about the murder of Stephon Clark. According to the authorities, six people were killed and ten died as a result of the shootout.

When the shooting suddenly started, people tried to save their lives and ran in the other direction, which created an atmosphere of horror there. Stay tuned for updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Who is Barry Accius?

after the shooting broke out, the area was densely filled with bars and cafes, people were running along the roads. people were running everywhere and couldn’t understand what was happening around them. After the incident early Sunday morning, police officers sealed off the place and the neighborhood between 9th and 13th Streets. the police and authorities were happy to show people any evidence of who was behind this crime. it wasn’t easy. many people have died and many are in pain from the shooting.

The police are looking for the ringleader who committed this crime. now only the police could. these criminals must be punished so that there can be no such actions in the future. the police also think that it was done by an internal force or some external force directed the crime.

Barry Accius: Witness to the Sacramento shooting and activist

Barry Accius is a man, judging by the report, he saw everything. He was a local public figure who witnessed the shooting on April 3, 2022 in downtown Sacramento. Barry is also the CEO of Voice of The Youth by profession. this crime has had an impact on the whole world. many countries around the world criticize the shooting and ask the authorities to respond. Who committed the crime at the council meeting?