Who is Ariana Grande’s boyfriend? Her dating history and love rumors


Meet Dalton Gomez, the singer’s new boyfriend. Ariana Grande rose to fame with the series Victorious, later, she starred in the show “Sam y Cat”, programs that served as a platform to jump into the music industry.

The singer, who is always known for wearing a long ponytail, wearing huge hoodies, boots, and always taking her pet with her, has experienced love on several occasions, some of them have not been very pleasant, but there are boys who have left their mark on her heart.

At 27, Ariana enjoys fame, money, youth and happiness, even on her birthday celebration she shared with her fans the person with whom she currently shares a love relationship. We leave you the complete history of appointments, rumors and romances of the singer.

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Jai Brooks

Considered her first love, they lasted 3 years, but ended in 2013, she was even accused of infidelity by the comedian, the singer admitted that he wanted to stain her image after breaking up with the courtship, although there are rumors that in 2014 they reconciled after meeting again in an event.

Nathan Sykes from The Wanted

The alleged apple of discord in their old relationship, unfortunately, lasted very little, only 4 months of dating, but apparently things between them did not work as they wanted.

Big Sean

A friendship of romance and friendship, although they were great friends, decided to take the next step and lasted happily for 8 months, it was one of the singer’s most cited relationships.

Mac Miller

One of her saddest relationships, their relationship seemed stable, but in 2018 they ended the courtship, the rapper suffered from depression and is said to have used harmful substances, unfortunately he passed away, Ariana has paid him several tributes, it was one of her most serious relationships.

Pete davidson

A roller coaster with this relationship, she and the comedian apparently got engaged shortly after dating. Although they finished and the singer decided to dedicate each of her exs Thank you, next …

Dalton Gomez

A luxury real estate agent, is her current boyfriend, it is said that they have been dating since March, although they have kept things as private as possible.


In 2008, she starred in a Broadway production called 13, where she met Graham Phillips, they had some outings and experienced their first kiss together, but it all ended in a friendly way.


Avan Jogia, star of “Victorious” and Jade’s boyfriend, was involved in love rumors with Ariana while they worked on the series, none of them denied clarifying or denying such speculations.

Ricky Alvarez

One of her dancers allegedly kept a relationship with the singer in secret. Neither of them claimed the news, but they allegedly kissed and lasted 12 months together.

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Mikey Foster

He and her brother have collaborated with Ariana on some songs, so they sparked rumors of romance, because in a video they kiss and there were photos of alleged dates between them, although Ariana never affirmed or denied anything.

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