Who is Angela Dim’s 90-day Fiance, a mysterious man from Canada


In the 90-day groom: Happily ever after? In the teaser of the seventh season, Angela Dim from the TV series “Bride for 90 Days” flirts with a mysterious man, and fans are interested to learn more about him. 56-year-old Angela made a splash after her debut in the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days”, season 2 with Michael Ilesanmi, and has since starred in countless spin-offs. Her violent behavior on the screen has created a bad reputation for Angela, which casts a shadow on her. Some TLC viewers want Angela to be removed from the franchise, but think she’ll keep coming back because she’s an artist.

Amid the controversy, fans are also worried about Michael, whom Angela married in 2020 and has not yet brought him to the United States. In her relationship with Michael, the 90-day fiance: happily ever after? star Angela is an insecure and jealous type who always feels that her husband is cheating on her. The fact that they stayed away from each other for two years after the wedding in Nigeria made Michael’s situation worse, as Angela even wanted to track his whereabouts by mobile phone. On the other hand, Angela flirts freely with her doctors in the series.

Her attending her surgeon’s birthday party in Los Angeles behind Michael’s back caused a huge fight between them during the 90-day fiance: Happily ever After? Season 6 Tell me everything. By the end of the episode, Angela flashed her breasts and told Michael, “It’s over.” She said their marriage was illegal in America and said she would live her life on her own terms.

Angela wants to fly to Canada for her mysterious man

According to the teaser of the 90-day groom: happily ever after? Season 7, it looks like Angela kept her word. Angela appeared in a TLC video on YouTube to say she had given her younger Nigerian husband Michael “nothing but fidelity” for five years. She was then shown making a video call to a man she called her “sexy baby” who called her an “angel” while smiling at Angela through his screen. On camera, Angela stated that she decided to do what was “good” for her. She asked the new man what he thought of her coming to Canada, and he grinned to show his approval.

Fans have already met Angela’s Canadian friend

Those who follow Angela on Instagram are familiar with the new man from Canada, who will replace Dr. Michael Obeng as the third person in the love triangle of Angela and Michael. Angela shot several videos with him on TikTok and Instagram. His popular profile is called @originalthiefofhearts. Fans often ask Angela, Angela, from the cast of the series “Bride for 90 Days”: “Is this your new boyfriend?” His name is Vasilios Bill Sotiropoulos, and he is from Toronto. According to his Instagram post from June 2021, Mr. Sotiropoulos was diagnosed in 2017 with a rare immune disease called membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (or MPGN). The illness eventually led to kidney failure, and he has been on dialysis ever since. Angela used the hashtag “#kidneawareness” in posts featuring Mr. Sotiropoulos, so it’s possible that they are good friends. Perhaps she is just platonically trying to support a famous performer and artist.

Did Angela really leave Michael for a new boyfriend?

About a week ago, Reddit user u/amerra shared a video of Angela fighting with a flight attendant on an airplane, and it went viral. OP found a video in a private Facebook group where the person who actually filmed reality TV star Angela in flight also shared her photo. OP posted a photo of Angela holding a phone with an unknown man on the screen. “Angela claims to have been dating this man for 4 years,” OP added as a caption to what the Facebook user wrote. “I think she didn’t really announce it, just told a fan who bumped into her about it. She pulled out her phone to show a new man,” they explained, responding to a man who refused to believe the story.

Since then, the 90-day groom: happily ever after? fans were left scratching their heads, and Angela did not share any statements regarding the new person or the noise she made during the flight. As if the status of Michael and Angela’s relationship isn’t confusing enough, these supposed mysterious men in Angela’s life complicate the situation even more.


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