Who is Andrea Denver’s friend Lexi Sundin? 5 things to know about the new flame of the “Summer House” star


Falling in love! Andrea Denver had to go through a Summer House love triangle with Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover to realize that he had already met his perfect match in Lexi Sundin’s former love.

The 30-year-old reality TV star attracted the attention of fans in October 2021 when she joined the cast of “Winter House”, which was filmed in February of the same year. In the first season of the series, the native of Italy quickly fell in love with the 29-year-old DeSorbo.

While the two kept in touch from time to time after filming the show in Vermont in early 2021, by the time they began filming season 6 of “Summer House” in July of that year, things had changed.

Denver began dating Sundin in April 2021, but when the relationship between them began to heat up, the Bravo star was preparing to reunite with DeSorbo in the Hamptons for a three-month Summer House shoot.

Denver noted that although he had “the same feelings” for Sundin that she had for him until the summer of 2021, he “didn’t have the courage to show those feelings [or] say it [to her] in response.”

Sundin ended their brief romance after accusing Denver of “building a wall” between them. The split led to the TV host remaining single when he reunited with DeSorbo in the Hamptons that summer.

The co-host of the podcast “Giggly Squad”, for her part, began accidentally dating 33-year-old Conover in the spring of 2021, but this did not stop her from flirting with Denver in their joint home for the summer holidays.

However, the reality show’s love triangle eventually fizzled out, which fans saw on screen in season 6. While DeSorbo took the “Southern Charm” star seriously in the months that followed, Denver realized he wanted to give his relationship with Sundin a real shot.

According to Denver, the couple resumed their romance in November 2021. His commitment to Sundin eventually became one of the reasons why he would not return in season 2 of Winter House.

“I didn’t feel like it was the right time for me [to leave to film the show],” he told us in March. “I was reunited with a person who is really important to me, and she was my priority. I feel like it was too early to go on vacation with my friends.”

The graduate of the University of Verona admitted that he was going to “miss” the crew of the “Winter House”, but instead of sulking, he went with Sundin on his own romantic journey.

“I ended up going on vacation with my girlfriend for a while and we had a great time,” he added. “I am happy that I have followed this path. …Everything was fine. I’m really happy.”

Scroll down to find out more about the Denver Girl:

1. She is a model

The blonde beauty is a model, just like her boyfriend. Sundin participated in New York Fashion Week and participated in several campaigns that she has been documenting on social media since 2018. Denver admired her work during a March interview with E! News, saying, “She models part-time, but does interior design, and I’m really proud of her.”

2. She appeared on the “Project Runway”

Sundin was featured as a model in seven episodes of the reality show in 2019.

“Congratulations to @iamsebastiangrey on winning the 17th season of Project Runway!!!” she wrote on Instagram in June of the same year after Joan Sebastian Gray received the title of best designer. “I had the honor to wear several of his models on @projectrunwaybravo, and every time it was a dream🥰 He really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful in his outfits. @iamsebastiangrey I can’t wait to see what you will do next with this important achievement. Te amo baby!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ».

3. She lives in the Big Apple

The catwalk expert often shares her adventures in New York on her Instagram page, including behind-the-scenes moments of photo shoots.

4. She is a traveler

When she’s not in New York, Sundin travels to various places, including Hawaii, California and Georgia.

5. She met his family

After reuniting with Denver in the fall of 2021, Sundin visited him and his parents in Italy on vacation. “It was a big step because she always spent Christmas with her family and decided to come with me,” Denver told us in March. “So it was great. And we’ve been very happy ever since.”