Who Invested $1000 in Solana (SOL) in January 2021 Has $138K Today!


Solana: Investors who were lucky enough to invest $1000 in some crypto assets in a timely manner had the opportunity to make 100x profits with their portfolios within months.

Thinking “what if” is actually a dangerous game, especially when it comes to investing. Sometimes, however, it can be quite interesting to examine what investors might experience if they had made a particular investment. For example, the person who invested $1,000 in Solana (SOL) on January 1, 2021 has made about $140,000 today.

Crypto Assets Rise

While Bitcoin (BTC) has indeed taken the lead in terms of earnings, some lesser-known altcoins (at least until recently) have significantly outperformed the leading asset. Looking back from early 2021 to date, some alternatives have yielded mind-blowing profits.

This is the case for Solana (SOL), Phantom (FTM), Polygon (MATIC), Terra (Luna), Cardano (ADA) and many more. Coin98 Analytics recently sampled this data and classified the aforementioned blockchain projects as “hidden gems.”

Ethereum entered this year just over $700. Just five months after the start of the year, ETH has set a new ATH at $4356. If $1000 was invested in ETH at the beginning of the year, that person would now have $4710. If the person had invested in FTM, he would have had 110,850, and if he had invested in SOL, he would have had $138,400.

In the chart prepared by Coin98, the same investment would lead to $ 11,140 in Binance Coin, $14,030, in Cardano – 46,730 in Luna and $79,130 ​​in MATIC.

Two of the listed tokens would have an ROI of more than 100x: FTM and SOL.


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