Who inspire BTS’s style? Meet your fashion heroes


The members of BTS explained who their style heroes are, the singers and rappers from Big Hit Entertainment gave a fashion lecture and revealed their formula for always looking great in GQ Japan magazine.

One of the most striking elements in K-pop is the outfits, the looks of the idols always express the concept they want to present to their fans, they help them communicate who they are on stage and in each of their presentations.

The boys of BTS are the cover of GQ Japan magazine in its October issue, the rappers and singers had a great talk with the publication, they talked about various creative topics of their musical career and their physical appearance.

The GQ interviewer asked them:

Who are your style heroes?

Kim Seok Jin said that his only style hero is himself and the key to his vision of fashion is not to push himself on the subject, the older member of the Bangtan Boys gave some valuable advice to his fans:

Use what you want and with what you feel much more comfortable with

For Jimin, his style heroes are all his followers, the singer shared that ARMY inspires him in every aspect of his career and they are his reason for living, he believes that it is good to have confidence in who you are to express it.

J-Hope believes that Snoopy gives him a fun way to express himself, the idol has a lot of clothes of this animated character and thanks to the adorable little dog from the cartoons Hoseok he has built a colorful, happy and unique style.

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The heroes of RM’s style are the painters Whanki Kim and Yun Hyongkeun, although his artistic vision is very different, he identifies with both. The BTS leader shared that he believes style is about a lot of attitude, trying things on, buying clothes, and always expressing himself comfortably and proudly.

Taehyung thinks that his father is one of the people who has defined his style, he is his hero, when the singer of ‘Dynamite’ was younger, his dad had a clothing business, so all the time he dressed very well, so elegant, which profoundly influenced the idol’s vision of fashion.

Yoongi took the style hero very seriously and chose Batman as one of his fashion references, the rapper from the city of Daegu revealed that his mother is a fan of clothes and when he was little he used to dress him very well, now he prefers the comfort.

Jungkook has chosen RM as his style icon, the Golden Maknae assured that the leader of BTS is a great example to follow and is someone who feels very close, he has been in very important stages for him, he concluded by saying:

I don’t think I have a specific style, but I think that taking care of yourself and grooming you can be a great method of expression

Each of the 7 boys of the Bangtan Boys have their own style and that makes them unique. Tell us in the comment section, who is your favorite style hero?


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