Who Framed Sara: What we know about Jean Reno’s role in the Netflix series


The Netflix platform brought the story of these young people who lived through a traumatic moment and years later they try to clarify the doubt and center of the approach of this series Who Killed Sara? In the last two seasons, the development of the plot brought with it many questions in addition to knowing the author of this crime, so in this third season a character arrives who will help to know more details about Sara and will be played by the great French actor Jean Reindeer.

Since March 2021, this series has arrived with all its suspense that was created by José Ignacio Valenzuela and produced in Mexico to narrate the story that follows Alex (Manolo Cardona) who was imprisoned for 18 years because he was unjustly blamed for the murder of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid). During the search to find out who is really responsible, the dark psyche of his sister is discovered and it seems that he never really knew Sara.

Thanks to an excellent production and script, this Netflix series has reached incredible audience levels in the short time it has aired. In fact, it reached 55 million homes in its first 4 weeks making it into the Top 10 in 87 countries. For this reason, it is almost certain that the third season will also repeat and even surpass the feat. Everyone wants to know once and for all what happened to Sara and the mysteries behind it, and that’s where this French actor (Reno) with a long career in acting comes in.

Jean Reno arrives at Who Killed Sara? without problems with the language, since he speaks Spanish fluently and will easily adapt to the rest of the cast that is eager to share the screen with this international figure with a long and successful career who comes to be part of the universe of mysteries and crimes in this series that has broken audience records on the most famous streaming platform of the moment.

The figure of Jean Reno in Who Killed Sara? We will meet her in season 3 but already on her social networks we have seen a preview where Reno appears and at the same time Alex’s (Cardona) voiceover is heard insisting that Sara was murdered and none of this “was a mistake” . The hundreds of unknowns about this series and its plot will play a key role for this French actor who will now be together with other Latin American actors who already make life in this series. He could be seen in the trailer for the third installment with a white coat and accompanying Sara, so it can be speculated that he is a doctor and also a friend of the Spanish actor Ginés García Millán who plays the powerful evil César Lazcano.

Jean Reno is coming off a successful film career where he starred in such films as The Perfect Assassin, Godzilla, The Da Vinci Code and The Pink Panther franchise. Reno has also ventured into television and his acting versatility allows him to work in any genre, since he was in the Spanish Netflix comedy 4 Latas, where it was directed by Gerardo Olivares, and also in the film 5 Sangres, by the emblematic African-American filmmaker Spike. Read.