WHO director enters preventive quarantine due to covid-19


The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, published a tweet on Sunday (01), informing that he entered voluntary quarantine, after being identified as a contact of a patient who tested positive for covid-19. Tedros said that he feels well, and that he has no symptoms of the disease, but will be isolated in the next few days for precautionary reasons.

“I was identified as a contact from someone who tested positive for # COVID19,” he posted on his Twitter account. The executive should work from home for the next two weeks, at least, as a security measure. If infected, the conduct will prevent the virus from being passed on to third parties.

Portugal to declare a state of emergency

Meanwhile, Portugal must declare a state of emergency in the coming days, to have the legal instruments that will enable the resumption of more restrictive measures in order to stop the second wave of infection by covid-19.

On Saturday (30), the government of the country announced that more than seven million citizens (approximately 70% of the population), will return to confinement as of Wednesday (04), remaining so for at least two weeks.

This confinement will be less rigid than the one adopted at the beginning of the pandemic, and will allow some establishments to continue operating, however, with reduced hours.

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