Who did Gabby & Rachel’s Bachelorette Parties Picks in Week 3


The two main characters have a Bachelorette Party, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windy, their men made the final choice in week 3, and now the participants are divided into two groups. In reality shows such as FBoy Island, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer and others with several main characters, in the 19th season of The Bachelorette Party, Gabby and Rachel are looking for love, but this format does not work for women. The involvement of two female roles added unexpected complications.

Although Gabby and Rachel balance each other well, they have become more confident in the first three weeks. At first, Rachel seemed more reserved, and Gabby seemed confident and sociable. However, Gabby’s insecurities took center stage as she struggled with the consequences of her tumultuous and estranged relationship with her mother. Her fear of being abandoned and not finding love intensified when three men rejected her the evening before the rose ceremony. Heartbroken after Hayden Markowitz called her “rude about everything” and Jacob Rapini rejected her, saying she was “hot,” Gabby realized she was “not here to teach guys how to act.”

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The women decided to separate the men in order to regain the power of the bachelors. After canceling the evening cocktail party before the rose ceremony, host Jesse Palmer told the men that by accepting a rose, they “commit to dating one woman, the woman who offers you a rose, not another.” Men could accept or reject a rose, but by leaving it, they could be excluded if they were not chosen by another woman. Pay attention to the sidelong glances and off-screen voices of men upset that they didn’t have enough time to get to know one woman better than another.

Rachel Recchia’s Team

Rachel’s bachelorette party ended the evening with eight confirmed men. After giving Zack Shallcross a rose on their exceptionally touching date, hosted by Karamo Brown of Queer Eye, Zack said that this evening was “one of the best nights of my life.” Despite the fact that the choice was made for him, he seems pleased with the result. Aven Jones also found himself in a similar situation because of a rose he accepted from Rachel on a group date. Zack and Aven were joined by competitors Tino Franco, Logan Palmer, Tyler Norris, Ethan Kang, Jordan Helman and Hayden. Rachel seems to be fine with men who tell other women that they are “rude.” Termaine Harper, Alec Garza and James “Meatball” Clark rejected Rachel’s roses, instead hoping for Gabby’s roses. By the end of the evening, Rachel realized how Gabby had felt the night before, but she also seemed annoyed that Gabby assumed it was the same, since Gabby’s rejections were private and hers were public.

Gabby Windy’s Team

After a stormy evening the night before, Gabby was pleasantly surprised that she chose the right one. All eight men she chose reciprocated her feelings. Erich Schwer got a rose on a one-on-one date with Gabby’s grandfather John. Erich was joined by Nate Mitchell, Johnny DeFillipo, Spencer Sways, Jason Alabaster, Mario Vassal, Kirk Bryant, Quincy Williams and Michael Vaughan in Gabby’s team. When Gabby handed out roses, hope faded for Termain, Alec and Meatballs. Despite declaring his interest in Gabby, the Bachelorette Party did not reciprocate, and the three men were eliminated with Jacob, who was not chosen by any woman.

Meatball, realizing that he had been expelled, returned with his head down and tail between his legs to apologize to Rachel and give him another chance because he had just made an impulsive decision. Fans will have to wait until episode 4 to find out if she will let him return or if she will see a huge red flag waving and realize that she has a more mature and right choice. Perhaps the producers saw Meatball’s identity when he was dressed as a baby at a group date photo shoot. Bachelorette fans will have to wait to see if this drama happens with or without their favorite meatball enthusiast.


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