Who Dane Whitman in “The Eternals” Is Actually the Future of Kit Harington in the MCU


KVM teased the mysterious future of its “Mister. Whitman” in the Marvel movie “The Eternals”. Who is Dane Whitman in the Marvel cinematic universe? Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harington, was one of two people in the film who played an important role in the story, and the other was Kingo’s valet, Karun (Harish Patel). However, the fact that he is a mere mortal does not mean that Dane Whitman, played by Harington, will not leave a mark on the MCU at one time or another.

Introduced as Cersei’s boyfriend in the modern era, Dane turned out to be a historian and professor who worked at the Natural History Museum. Even before the battle with the Deviants began, Dane was able to conclude that his girlfriend was much bigger than she seemed. He was left out, and Cersei (Gemma Chan) went to save the world. Dane had a minor presence in the Eternals, but eventually it became clear that he had his own story to tell.

Dane Searcy’s comment about the “complicated” family history and the secret he had to tell her signaled that Marvel was preparing for a big reveal of its character. In the post-credits scene, when Dane looks at the black-bladed sword, Mahershala Ali’s Blade voice asked: “Mister. Whitman”, if he was sure he was ready for it. That’s why someone like Blade might be interested in Dane, what his “complicated” family history really is and what kind of Marvel Comics character he is destined to become in the future MCU.

Dane Whitman — The Black Knight in Marvel Comics

Who is Dane Whitman in Marvel comics? In the 1960s, Hank Pym and Iron Man fought Nathan Gareth, also known as the Black Knight, an evil scientist who wielded an energy spear and rode a mutated flying horse. After his death, his mantle was taken over by Dane Whitman, who was introduced as an American physicist and Garrett’s estranged nephew. Dressed in a recycled version of his uncle’s armor, Dane assumed the title of “Black Knight” and discovered an ancient sword known as the Ebony Blade in his uncle’s castle. Years later, Dane became a regular member of the Earth’s Most Powerful Heroes team and the main character of Marvel’s Avengers comic book. He soon earned a reputation as the greatest swordsman in the Marvel universe.

As his relationship with the team and other heroes deepened, the role of the Black Knight grew. By the early 1990s, the Black Knight was the Avengers’ field leader and the face of their comic book title. Featured at the center of several of their biggest stories of the decade, the Black Knight formed a love triangle with Cersei and Crystal and led the Avengers through several adventures. But the problem that has been haunting him the longest is, without a doubt, the Ebony Blade bearing the blood curse. Since he feeds on his soul every time he spills blood, Dane has spent most of his time resisting the evil of the sword and avoiding killing.

Who is Dane Whitman’s Family in Marvel Comics

In the Marvel movie “The Eternals”, Dane’s predecessor from the comics is secretly mentioned when Cersei talked about his strained relationship with his uncle. It seems that whatever happened when Dane was talking to his uncle is what led to the appearance of the sword. Obviously, the sword is an Ebony blade that Dane has wielded for most of his superhero career. Both in the comics and now in the MCU, the Ebony Blade is linked to the lineage of Dane Whitman and Nathan Garrett. The comics explained that the characters are direct descendants of Sir Percy of Scandia, the original Black Knight from the 1950s comics and defender of Camelot.

In the age of Arthur, the Ebony blade was forged from a black meteorite and enchanted by Merlin. Eventually, it was discovered that the sword secretly carries an evil curse that slowly corrupts its owners. It was a secret that Merlin was hiding from Sir Percy. After Percy’s death, the Ebony Blade and the mantle of the Black Knight were passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, many of Sir Percy’s successors did not match his moral qualities and succumbed to the dark influence of the sword. One of these characters was Garrett, who was a respectable scientist before the curse killed him. Determined to restore his uncle’s good name and redeem the battered legacy of the Black Knight, Dane sought to achieve more than his ancestors. Admittedly, Dane has stumbled a few times along the way, but even now he still maintains his heroic reputation at Marvel Comics.