Who are the real villains in “Miss Marvel”?


Attention! Spoilers for episode 2 of Miss Marvel.

In two episodes, “Miss Marvel” has come a long way in introducing viewers to the newest MCU superhero, but the series has remained particularly quiet about the appointment of its main villain. Having gained her powers at the end of the first episode, in the second episode of Miss Marvel, Kamala Khan learned to control her abilities at will before putting her training into practice. Although Ms. Marvel’s abilities in the MCU differ from those in the comics, episode 2 continued to show that there is a certain intersection between the two environments, including the ability to “embig” her hands into the hero’s signature fist.

Just as Hawkeye played with the conventions of the Christmas movie genre, “Miss Marvel” has so far been more like a coming-of-age narrative than a full-fledged superhero series. This means that instead of emotional backstories and grandiose action sequences, Ms. Marvel’s priorities are rooted in the classic teenage struggle for relationships and adjustment. The product of this genre is that in the series less attention was paid to the typical role of the villain, it was not possible to create the main antagonist of Kamala in the first two episodes.

Although there are four more episodes in the first season of “Miss Marvel”, the show has not yet presented an obvious candidate for the role of the main villain. There are several ways the series can go, from using the established roles of the Department of Damage Control and Kamala’s love interest, Kamran, to revealing the true villain of Ms. Marvel in a later episode. The first two parts introduce the audience to Kamala, who is trying to come to terms with her abilities, and it’s only a matter of time before the hero will have to face her first serious threat.

Is Damage Control a villain in the MCU?

The Department of Damage Control is no stranger to the MCU, although they have never played such a potentially villainous role as in “Miss Marvel.” First appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming”, where they were tasked with removing the wreckage of the Avengers’ Battle for New York, since then Damage Control has become more closely involved with individual superheroes. They called Peter Parker in for questioning after his heroic alias was revealed at the beginning of Spider-Man: No Home, and the scene after the credits of the first episode of Miss Marvel set the events of the second episode where they seem to be happening now. after Kamal.

It is currently unclear what Damage Control’s true intentions are. It seems that No Way Home represents a department interested only in Peter due to accusations that he killed Mysterio, but Ms. Marvel seems to reveal a different target. It was shown that the ground Damage Control team in the episode “Miss Marvel” has a high level of armor in pursuit of Kamala, even using drones very similar to those used in Mysterio’s villainous plan in Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Will Camran include Miss Marvel (as we were hinted)

Although Damage Control seems to have questionable goals, the department’s presence in the second episode of “Miss Marvel” is overshadowed by Kamran, Kamala’s new love interest and potential adversary. Kamran’s role in episode 2 seemed too good to be true: the new senior immediately made contact with Kamala on a level that no one except Bruno seemed to find suspicious. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Kamran’s mother is a woman whom Kamala has repeatedly seen in her visions, potentially indicating a connection between the families of the two characters.

That Ms. Marvel relies on the coming-of-age genre in the first two episodes suggests that the newly introduced Camran may not be who he seems. A seemingly perfect love interest is a key feature of the genre when the character turns out to be the hero’s secret opponent only in the final act. Considering that the end of Episode 2 has already ruined Kamran’s pristine presentation, there is every chance that he may still be the main villain of Miss Marvel.

Is the villain Miss Marvel hiding?

The last and perhaps most obvious theory is that Ms. Marvel has yet to reveal her main antagonist. As a brand new character in the MCU, Ms. Marvel’s show has always required spending more time tweaking her character than in most other Marvel projects. The first two episodes served exactly this: Kamala found and began to understand her powers, and this may mean that the disclosure of the villain will be saved for a later part.

The trailer for “Miss Marvel” confirmed that Red Dagger is due to appear in the series, and he may turn out to be the main villain of the show. Having established himself as an independent hero with a clear romantic connection with Kamala, Red Dagger usually fights alongside Miss Marvel — however, with the changes that the MCU has made to the comics, this does not mean that the character will play the same role in the Disney+ show.