Who are the enemies of Spider-Man


Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, and because of that his entire universe ends up being remembered by many of his fans, especially the various villains that the Head of the Web ended up accumulating over the years and more years of struggle.

In this matter, we list some of the main ones, who are famous both in comics and in films. If you’re a fan of the hero, read on and have fun, leaving in the comment area which one is your favorite (and adding something else if it’s not on that list).

Who are the enemies of Spider-Man

1. Vulture

Vulture (which appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming) is the name used by the inventor Adrian Toomes, responsible for developing a device capable of making it fly. He ends up sharing this feat with his partner Gregory Bestman, but finds out after a while that the young man was passing him over to make more money in the society they maintained.

This causes him to end up keeping his invention in his own power, leading him to discover that it does much more, as it can also expand his powers. Soon, he embarks on a criminal career, starting with an attack on Bestman’s company and some other actions until the moment he crosses his path with the Hero of the Neighborhood.

2. Dr. Octopus

His real name is Otto Gunther Octavius, and well before assuming his villainous identity he was the typical boy who suffered persecution at school and had no way to fight back because he was thin and weaker than his opponents. However, that scenario would change years later.

After graduating from college, the young scientist managed to develop a device with several hydraulic tentacles, which he would later telepathically control after an accident with radioactive materials. This led him to pursue a criminal career and to have several confrontations against Spider-Man – being, even, the first villain to succeed in defeating him.

3. Sandman

Sandman is codenamed Flint Marko (also known as William Baker or Sylvester Mann), a fugitive who hid from the police in a nuclear test area and ended up being hit by an explosion. Instead of killing him, she ended up causing his body to merge with the sand and allow Flint to disintegrate or stiffen his body in whatever way he saw fit – which he ended up using several times in his confrontations with the Webhead. .

4. Electro

Electro was the identity acquired by Max Dillon, who ended up acquiring his powers after being struck by lightning while rescuing a colleague who was stuck on a pole. Like Sandman, instead of dying, he acquired skills – and in this case it was to absorb electricity to create bursts and shoot at his enemies.

Despite the attempts, Electro was never one of the Webhead’s strongest enemies, as he tried to use relatively simple offensive methods in his confrontations and ended up losing those battles.


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