White Day, that’s how idols celebrate this day


White Day, that’s how idols celebrate this day. With these sweet messages the artists celebrated this tradition with their fans. Since 1978 in Japan White Day began to be celebrated .

The National Association of Confectionery Industries of that country began to promote a strategy in which men had a specific day to give white chocolate to girls they liked, so this celebration was implemented .

Not only Japan implemented it, and it stayed with this sweet tradition , also countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, among others in which time has been transforming gifts, because now the boys give cards, flowers, perfumes, clothing or bags.

Some of the idols did not forget their fans this day , they posted some photos and videos celebrating ‘ White Day’ , check out what types of gifts these groups gave:

On the Lysn platform, Taemin , a member of SHINee sent a sweet message to his fans for White Day , also expressing how much he misses them, the idols would be performing at one of his individual shows today, but due to the contingency of COVID -19 was postponed.

“Did everyone get sweets ?, apparently today I miss them more …

What is this? This feeling of pity …”

NTC 127
Doyoung of NCT 127 rose a photo hugging a huge palette with the description ‘Happy White Day ‘, on account of the group, who are currently promoting ‘Kick It ‘.

These guys are celebrating a lot this day.

Changbin uploaded a video celebrating this day and commented:

“STAY, Today is White Day , please don’t stop supporting us”


They also shared some photos to their Instagram account wishing fans good day celebrating White Day.



The members of ATEEZ uploaded a series of photos with bouquets of flowers to their Instagram account, the boys would be on their world tour right now, but it was canceled due to the world coronavirus pandemic.


The Boys
The group The Boys has published a video on their Twitter account celebrating White Day for their fans , in the clip they send a loving greeting in the form of a gift.

Check out the sweet video :

N.Flying shared a video on their Twitter account for Japan, where the boys congratulated their fans on ‘White Day’.

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