Which Xiaomi phones will update to MIUI 12.5


Today was the day that Xiaomi presented its new top of the range to the world, and so it has been, since here we tell you everything that the new Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile brings. But it was not the only thing that the Chinese company has presented, since Xiaomi has also taken the opportunity to tell us about MIUI 12.5, the new version of its customization layer based on the Android operating system.

MIUI 12.5
Lower energy consumption

MIUI 12.5 is an intermediate update based on MIUI 12 focused on system optimizations. After a complete overhaul of the system’s user interface, its CPU usage has dropped by up to 22% while its power consumption has dropped by up to 15%, ensuring more optimal performance and better utilization. the energy resources of the terminal.

New screen gestures

This is most evident in screen gestures which are now smoother than ever. In previous systems, gestures and other tasks were rendered in a single thread, resulting in a queue of tasks competing for CPU usage. Naturally, in this scenario, an overload of tasks could cause delays. However, in MIUI 12.5, the gestures have a dedicated thread, so that no other task interferes with them and thus guarantees an instant response.

System apps

Another remarkable aspect of MIUI 12.5 are the system applications that can be uninstalled, those that come by default with the mobile and the user may not want to have, or simply remove because they are not going to use them. The vast majority of applications on the new system can be uninstalled, while “a small number of applications that are burned into the core of the system” can be hidden.

Xiaomi phones that will receive MIUI 12.5

The first batch of devices will start receiving the MIUI 12.5 update in the second quarter of 2021. It includes Mi 10T, Mi 10T Pro, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 11. The second wave will include 11 more Xiaomi devices. The release schedule for other devices will be published gradually on MIUI.com, and here are the ones that are known today:

Between April and June 2021
My 10T
My 10T Pro
Wed 10
My 10 Pro
Wed 11
From July 2021
Mi 10 Lite 5G
My 10T Lite
My Note 10 Pro
My Noe 10
My Note 10 Lite
Redmi Note 9T
Redmi Note 9 Pro
Redmi Note 9S
Redmi Note 9
Redmi 9


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