Which Xbox Console Should I Buy in 2023?


Get an Xbox in 2023? Well, maybe it’s time to weigh up your options between Series X or Series S for your next console.

The New Year sometimes means that it can be the year when you grit your teeth. The bullet of getting a new console. Perhaps you’re looking at the various Xbox consoles on the market, or perhaps you’re hinting at a particular family member who doesn’t really “understand.”

So let’s put this on the table right now: don’t buy anything other than the Xbox Series S or Series X in 2023.

Old consoles, although supported to some extent, are no longer relevant, and new games do not include them in the release cycle. A few years ago, the suggestion to take a closer look at the Xbox One X would have made sense. However, since the Xbox Series consoles have been around for almost three years, this is no longer the case.

Why buy an Xbox?

Both the Series S and X have their advantages, but the main reason to purchase an Xbox is the Game Pass.

At the moment, Xbox combined with a Game Pass subscription is really one of the best deals in games.

Not only will you get the usual carousel of games, but all Microsoft games will be available for download on the day and date of their release. There is also another level that will give you full access to cloud streaming, as well as a lot of games from EA Play.

Even though Microsoft’s original products aren’t really too good, games like Persona 5, High on Life, and a host of other third-party games at your fingertips make it an exciting prospect.

Also, if you’re a PC fan, you’ll get access to most of the games on your gaming machine anyway.

What is a Game Pass?

Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription service that combines several hundred different games. They range from JRPGs to first-person shooters and include some pretty big games. Recently, Ubisoft games such as Assassin’s Creed have hit the service. EA Play has expanded the store even further.

Upgrading to Ultimate will give you access to streaming and EA Play, as well as additional “privileges” that are granted every month.

Series S vs Series X: Which Xbox to buy?

Apart from 4K games, disks and more storage, there are very few differences between the two versions. Of course, the Xbox Series X can play your 360 and Xbox One games through the disc tray. However, the S series is focused on this fully digital future and, thanks to its weight reduction, is ideal for installation almost anywhere.

Permits and prices

Seriously, the Xbox Series S costs $299.99. It also offers 4K, but not natively. This console can technically work with 1080p or 1440p resolution.

This is not bad, since most modern games will not initially display 4K on any of the consoles. In fact, very few games will have native 4K resolution.

Some games may say this is the case, but they all use similar magnification techniques to make it look beautiful on your TV.

Again, this is not a bad thing, it happens everywhere. Even in our various GPU reviews, including the 4090, it’s best to run 4K games with these supersampling and scaling methods.

The Xbox Series X is a bit more expensive, but out of the box it offers 1 TB of memory and, of course, access to your disk games. If you are someone who still wants to get a disk copy of the latest game, this will be your way forward.

You’ll find the Xbox Series X about $200 more expensive, at $499.

Frame rate

Both consoles can run games at 120 frames per second, but only the Xbox Series X can run them at 4K/120 frames per second. You’ll find that if it’s important to you, you should choose Series X anyway. This way you don’t have to contact a guide.

There are also some games that don’t support Series S, but there are usually some caveats regarding X.

For example, Halo Infinite is locked at 1440p/120FPS on Series X, and 1080p/120FPS on Series S.

You will also need a monitor or TV that supports this resolution and frame rate. Our recommendations for this front will always remain LG C1 or C2 for TVs, while with monitors you can do with almost any modern gaming monitor.

Xbox or PS5?

In no case will we kindle this fire in 2023. Games are currently being released on both consoles, and Microsoft’s current Activision purchase won’t have a real conversation value for a long time.

If you want these Sony exclusives and don’t want to wait a year for them to appear on a PC, or aren’t interested in computer games, you’ll find that the PS5 might suit you. Also, if you’re like us and have accumulated a lot of PS4 games over the past few years that you can’t give up, then yes, choose PS5.

For those looking for a jukebox with names or a cheaper entry point into this generation, the Series S is your best choice. If you want the same thing, but with better 4K support and the ability to play all your old games, the Series X can be your console.


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