Which televisions and consoles are left without HBO?


In the past, things lasted half a life, but at the present time there is no greater enemy for devices than the technological speed that we live. Things that come out quickly become out of date, and nothing lasts forever.

In the case of VOD platforms for content on demand, their applications have to be constantly updated to be up to date, which means that they stop working on older systems. That’s going to happen to HBO.

HBO no support on Samsung TVs and consoles in December

In December 2019, Netflix stopped supporting various device brands and models, due to hardware “technical limitations”. This year it is the turn of the HBO platform, which from December will stop being seen on various models of TVs and video game consoles. The good thing is that the list is reduced to 2 brands, but even so, if it touches you, you will have to renew your device if you have a subscription to HBO.

Due to the same, “technical limitations” and also in order to make the streaming experience of good quality and more secure, the HBO Spain app will not be compatible with the following devices:

– Samsung TVs with Orsay system launched between 2012 – 2015

– Sony’s PlayStation 3 console

In the case of the PS3, which was initially released in 2006 – 2007, HBO will no longer support it through the official app, so Sony only has PS4 on the market right now as the only console with an HBO app – although the Next week PlayStation 5 will be released in Spain.

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In the case of TVs, the ‘blackout’ only affects Samsung’s Smart TVs with Orsay operating system, which is no longer used in pursuit of the new Tizen OS. If you have a Samsung TV from a few years ago but you don’t use Orsay, you can still watch HBO on it.

Where can I watch HBO Spain

For those who are wondering, you can continue to see the official app of the VOD platform on the following television devices, according to the official HBO Spain service:

– Samsung Smart TV: Available on Samsung Smart TV models from 2014 to 2018 -also on models from 2019 and 2020, obviously, although the official FAQ does not contemplate it

– LG Smart TV: Available on LG Smart TV with webOS from version 1.x to version 4.x.

– Android TV: Available most devices created by manufacturers with Android OS 7 or 8 operating system. HBO recommends the following manufacturers for this option: Sony, Philips, Nvidia Shield or MiBox.


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