Which stars will be in the third installment of the ABC series


The third season of The Rookie makes its debut on ABC on January 3 and the final season will tackle some real-life issues. Nolan had been accused of filthy cop and viewers are eager to know what happens next.

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan

As the star of The Rookie show, Nolan was destined to return for season three, and fans are looking forward to seeing his police training progress. Nolan is played by Nathan Fillion, a 49-year-old Canadian-American actor.

Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper

Nyla Harper joined the series in the second season of The Rookie, and is Nolan’s training officer who had spent time undercover. She is trying to go back to her patrol days, as she navigates a turbulent relationship with her ex-husband and daughter.

Nyla will work with John on a major mission to reestablish the Force’s reputation in the upcoming season of The Rookie. Her character is played by Mekia Cox, a 39-year-old American actress and dancer.

Harold Perrineau as Nick Armstrong

Nick Armstrong also joined the cast in the second season of The Rookie and is a night detective who helps Nolan’s police division. He will play an important role at the beginning of season three, as Nolan had been charged with a drug incident.

The Rookie’s Nick Armsthong is portrayed by Harold Perrineau, a 57-year-old American actor known for his roles in Lost and The Matrix. He is the father of three children and married Brittany Robinson in 2002.

Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez

Ángela López is one of the main characters in The Rookie and she is a training officer hoping to become a train as a detective. She is engaged to defense attorney, Wesley Evers (Shawn Ashmore), and Jackson West was assigned to her.

The star shared the trailer for the third season of The Rookie saying, “Will Angela and Wesley be on the same page? I’m not even sure! Find out during the #TheRookie season premiere. ”


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