Which Social Network Has The Most Followers In Spain: Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter…?


Social Network: Do we spend too much time on the Internet and on social networks? A report reveals which social network is the most successful in Spain.

The AIMC, Association for Media Research, has been preparing a report every year for two decades with the results on the use of the Internet in Spain, using “the largest sample” in the country. And in relation to social networks, there is a clear opinion: In Spain they are used a lot.

The most used social networks in Spain

According to the AIMC report, 82.7% of surfers say they use social networks on a daily basis, although in the last year there have been new developments: Despite the fact that Facebook maintains its hegemony as it is used by 70.2% , the social network has suffered a progressive decline of 15 points in the last four years.

On the contrary, Instagram maintains its upward trend (64.6%), consolidating itself in second position, with unstoppable growth: 2.5 points in one year, and no less than 24 points since 2016. In third and fourth place Twitter (49.9%) and LinkedIn (29.4%) are found with acceptance levels similar to 2020. We must also highlight the great advance of TikTok (21.5%) that increased 8 points in one year, and that achieved overtaking Pinterest (15.1%).

As for time, just over a third (35.3%) of social network users spend more than one hour a day on them, and 45% of Internet users say they use the internet for four or more hours a day. Consequently, “almost 1 in 2 (42.2%) feel that they spend too much time on their mobile, on social networks or surfing the internet in general”.