Which Smartwatch To Buy and How To Enjoy Your Watch


Smartwatches have become an indispensable accessory for those who want to stay connected at all times and keep a close eye on some health metrics. This is a category of gadgets that has grown a lot in recent years and more and more models are appearing on the market.

Despite this, you may not yet know how to fully take advantage of the smartwatch and what functions this type of device can perform. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how you can get the most out of your smartwatch, as well as hints on which smartwatch to buy.

Tip #1 – Get quick access to notifications

A very practical way to get the most out of the smartwatch is to use it as a notification center. Instead of taking your phone out of your pocket every time it vibrates or beeps, you can set your smart watch to receive these alerts and dismiss them whenever you don’t need them.

Depending on the smartwatch model, you can still reply to messages or even answer calls directly from your wrist. You can also turn on reminders, change music, use the stopwatch and more.

Tip #2 – Use the functions to track physical activities

One of the great appeal of smartwatches is for those who want a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. Smart watches are excellent companions for those who want to exercise outdoors, even offering the possibility to leave your cell phone at home.

Virtually all smartwatches offer the basics: step counter, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate and specific activity tracking. Some models differ by offering other indicators, such as blood oxygenation and exercise rhythm.

Tip #3 – Customize it your way

In addition to being a smart watch, this gadget can also be seen as an accessory that expresses the user’s tastes and trends. By exchanging the bracelets or other parts of the smartwatch, you can change it to something that suits your style better.

The possibility to change the watch face can also be useful to get more important information more conveniently and quickly, with what you are most interested in or use the most. You can also leave the viewfinder with an image you like.

Tip #4 – Pay bills, take photos, control music and more

Although they also have the basic functions of showing the days and time, stopwatch and timer, smartwatches can also be used as a remote control for cameras, music player and even as a payment method if a digital wallet is connected.

The fact is that smartwatches have many extra functions that can vary from model to model. It is up to the consumer to explore and research what are the features available on the device and choose the one that best meets their needs.

Which smartwatch to buy?

If you still don’t know which smartwatch to buy, we’ve separated some options for you to know below.

Smartwatch Apple Watch Series 6

One of the most desired smart watches, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest smartwatch released by the iPhone owner. The device has 32 GB of internal memory and runs watchOS. The model also has an oximeter, sleep monitor and can answer calls independently.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 LTE Smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch 3 LTE is Samsung’s answer to the smart watch market. The model also works autonomously, making and receiving calls. The accessory is finished in steel and the round display is a great choice for those who don’t like the models with a square look. The leather strap is stylish and all the basic functions of a smartwatch are present.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch

Amazfit has great smartwatch options and the GTS 2 Mini model is one of the most advanced. The device has a large 1.55” display, aluminum finish and important functions such as an oximeter, cardiac arrhythmia alarm, music and camera control, as well as a heart and sleep monitor. It is noteworthy that the device is waterproof, which means that it can be used in water sports.

Smartwatch Amazfit Bip U

The Amazfit Bip U stands out from other models because of its battery life. Fully charged, the smartwatch can last up to 9 days away from plugs. In addition, the watch has the necessary features to become an excellent physical activity companion, such as the integrated high-precision GPS, ideal for exercising and leaving your cell phone at home.

Haylou Solar Smartwatch

With a focus on cost-effectiveness, Haylou Solar is a smartwatch for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a smartwatch. Despite this, the device is complete and has functions for monitoring various health metrics, as well as the possibility of customizing the display and wristbands. The shape of the accessory is circular and is very reminiscent of a traditional watch.


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