Which skins were removed from the mystery series finale


Due to its status as a show with a huge fan base, Supernatural will always remain undying and aspects of the series will continue to be analyzed and discussed.

There were many things that ended up changing this time, some were well received and others not so much. With the end of the Supernatural series, it’s worth checking what these aspects were.

Dean’s personality

With Dean (Jensen Ackles) driven solely by his rage and making one bad decision after another, the final season of Supernatural changed fans’ perspective on him.

While Castiel’s (Misha Collins) declaration of love tried to paint his anger in a positive light of love, that wasn’t enough to explain the entire season of Supernatural where Dean bordered on being a villain.

Dean and Castiel’s relationship

Those who had strongly desired Destiel all these years felt completely validated, as it turned out that Castiel had a crush on Dean the entire time in Supernatural.

This made their entire relationship look different, with all of their past interactions provided with an added layer of context not to mention his best moments in Supernatural.

Inconsistencies in the story

This was a great thing that Supernatural took in stride, as various plot holes were explained to provide a fresh perspective for previous seasons.

This includes showing that Charlie (Felicia Day) had provided them with a card to pay for their stuff, explaining how they had been paying for everything, and that Chuck (Rob Benedict) had provided Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean with plot armor the entire time. .


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