Which signs are the most possessive of their partners


Possessive people in a relationship have some characteristics in common. They are jealous, selfish, insecure, domineering, distrustful of their partner, tend to be controlling, manipulate and blackmail, and have a constant fear of being betrayed, according to online psychology experts.

According to astrology, there are signs of the Zodiac that are dominated by some (or all) of these traits, making them the most possessive of the entire horoscope.


It is such an intense sign that at one extreme they can feel their partner as if it were their property, this causes them to be so jealous that they do not want anyone to approach them, according to an article newwomen.com.


When they fall in love, their dedication is total so they want their partner to respond in the same way. They tend to be in control of their love life, this makes them time consuming and they want their partner to be in all their activities.


Cancer tends to put their partner first and they live their life based on her, so they rarely respect the independence of their loved one.


It is a sure sign of itself, but when it is involved in love it is usually the opposite. You want to control everything about your partner and tend to be overly jealous.


They live obsessed with the perfect love so they watch over their partner at all times. It is a quite sensitive sign, therefore, they do not do it with bad intentions but because they believe that they live in a fairy tale.


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