Which members of BTS have girlfriends?


This is what we know about the love lives of the members of the famous K-Pop band, BTS.

BTS is the global phenomenon with 7 members that has been dominating the charts with success after success around the world. In the last week alone, BTS managed to be on American late-night shows, dominate the trend charts, release a new album Map of the Soul: 7 that racked up over 4 million preorders and received widespread praise from critics and critics. fans.

BTS are undoubtedly pioneers of the Korean pop wave in the United States and have reportedly been responsible for $ 4.6 billion of South Korea’s GDP.

In the immediate aftermath of their continued success, many fans are wondering if the boys of BTS are currently in love with someone.

BTS is dating someone?

Those who are familiar with K-pop artists and the K-pop industry in general know that there are often “no dating” clauses included in contracts to increase the appeal that fans and followers have towards artists. In the past, the group’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, has been noticeably more relaxed with the group than with other labels, but it has not been confirmed if that extends to the boys’ romantic lives.

In interviews, BTS is shy when asked about dating. In a 2018 interview with Access, group leader RM stated, “We want to focus on our career, so now it is very difficult to date.”


The group’s youngest member and lead vocalist Jungkook has been on the receiving end of a fair amount of dating rumors. Given its influence, it comes as no surprise. The 22-year-old My Time singer has been romantically linked to some of the best artists in the K-pop industry, such as Lovelyz’s Jeong-Ye and DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon.

In 2019, rumors spread that Jungkook was dating a tattoo artist who worked at a salon the star frequented. However, both Big Hit and the woman denied the reports.

V for BTS

In the past, singer V has been romantically linked to a Red Velvet member named Joy. He is also the only BTS member believed to have had a relationship with a fan in the past.

Apparently V was showing his love publicly through Instagram, where he included the word “hello” in his captions. It was also speculated that a ring he wore for some time was a gift from Hi. Big Hit commented on the alleged romance and said that the V word and Hi were just friends.

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Another singer in the group, Jimin, known for his graceful dance moves and feminine tone of voice, is rumored to have dated Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Although he admitted that he liked Red Velvet, he also denied speculation that something romantic was going on with any of the girl group members.

Dating rumors also swirled when a KARA singer Han Seung-yeon revealed that Jimin “caught his attention” in an interview. “We were promoting ‘Danger’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ at the same time and since then, I had it in my sights.”

J-Hope and RM

If the BTS members are keeping their private lives under the radar, no one is doing as well as “Airplane” rapper J-Hope. The rapper and dancer known for his bright personality and charming smile has not been romantically linked to anyone publicly since the band’s catapult to general success.

Leader and rapper RM is another member of BTS who has not been publicly linked in any romance. The last bit of speculation was heard in 2017, before the group really took off, when RM was reportedly involved in a serious relationship with someone. However, RM has never confirmed that to be true.

Jin and Suga

The oldest of the group, Jin, is another vocalist and is often considered for his physical appearance. He jokingly goes by the nickname WWH or “World Wide Handsome” after a media outlet referred to him as such. Now it has become his motto. The “Epiphany” singer was rumored in the past to have dated a South Korean comedian, Lee Gook Joo. He specifically credited her in the dedication section for the group’s first three albums, which made fans wonder how close they were.

The ARMY believed that rapper Suga was romantically involved with singer Suran after they collaborated on the song “Wine” together. After the collaboration, Suran shared a picture of macaroons on Instagram and captioned it with the band member’s birth name “yoongi.”

The rumors got even more difficult after that, so Big Hit chimed in and released a statement, “Suga and Suran’s dating rumors are not true. They have only worked together on music production.”


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