Which member of BTS cried when J-Hope left the group?


J-Hope wowed ARMY when he revealed that there was a time when he left the group. However, a BTS member cried so much that he convinced him to stay, who was it?

K-pop idols have their fair share of trainee stories that most fans would be devastated or heartbroken. Before stardom, J-Hope and the other BTS members have been sharing their personal experiences of hardship while still under the limits of their careers.

Jung Hoseok wowed ARMY when he revealed that there was a time when he left the group and returned to his hometown. However, a boy convinced him to stay and he totally changed his mind. Who was this boy? He was none other than his fellow BTS member and the Jungkook group maknae.

J-Hope shared how much he cried and begged him to stay when he felt it was time to withdraw from the physically, mentally, and emotionally draining activities that a pre-debut idol experiences. It was also those times when Big Hit was a small agency that was struggling to prepare its talents.

Before joining the company, J-Hope was a JYP trainee. Then he met his current BTS members who were too young back then. Jungkook, who was originally from Busan, South Korea, was only 15 years old; and would become the one responsible for Hobi debuting in BTS.

In one of their BTS documentaries, the boys were drinking wine after their successful concert in Brazil, while Jungkook was not present due to his treatment. It was also the time when the members remembered their training days.

But among those stories, J-Hope’s words “I even left the company” surprised fans. While he remembered how firm his decision was, everyone else at the scene remembered how Jungkook held his back and cried a lot just for the BTS rapper to stay.

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J-Hope became Jungkook’s older brother

Although it was not the first time that other trainees left, the young man could have found a fundamental reason for his despair, knowing that J-Hope was leaving. Jungkook left Busan at a very young age in the hope that one day he will become a famous singer.

He remembered how shy he was when he first came to Big Hit. There were times when he had to shower at night so as not to disturb others. But when he got closer to his hyung J-Hope, he found a father who looked after him. Hobi became a role model for him by interacting with other members.

Knowing that the idol was leaving BTS, Jungkook must have worried and therefore said, “Please stay Hoseok-hyung.” At that time, the older BTS member kept thinking about going home, but was thinking about things. However, he eventually returned.

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Then he was asked, “Why did you decide to stay?” Here’s what he replied: “I decided to come back for the members. Apart from the contract or debut, I had to come back because there were guys in the group who went through all this with me.” J-Hope was once criticized by antis saying he doesn’t deserve to be a part of BTS.

The standards of other fans go beyond what musicians should possess. Nonetheless, J-Hope stood the test of time, and many would argue that without J-Hope in the K-Pop group, the boy band would never be the same again.


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