Which is exactly what’s happening with Brendan Fraser’s universal mummy ride to Orlando, as fans report that employees are starting to stand outside again


Will Brendan Fraser ever get his cup of coffee? And if so, when? These are questions we still don’t have answers to, and while there have been recent signs that “Revenge of the Mummy” at Universal Studios Florida may be opening soon, nothing has been confirmed. The attraction has clearly taken a step forward, but no one knows when it will reopen to guests.

A recent post on Reddit, which purportedly comes from a member of the Universal Studios Florida team who works in the same field as the “Revenge of the Mummy” attraction, but not on the roller coaster itself, states that the reason the team members were seen on or near the attraction in their attraction uniforms is not because that the attraction is about to open. Instead, Universal Orlando Resort is retraining all team members, since the attraction has been closed for several months, and since people are on duty, they are in uniform.

But although watching people dressed to work on the Mummy’s Revenge attraction does not seem to mean that the attraction is preparing for an immediate opening, it is still a clear sign that it has made a significant step forward. The attraction is in a state where everyone can be properly trained, and it’s close enough to opening that it’s time for training.

When it was announced that Revenge of the Mummy would undergo a major renovation this year, there were some concerns that the theme of the attraction could undergo significant changes, including the potential complete removal of Brendan Fraser from the attraction. We still don’t know for sure that there have been no significant changes, but the evidence we have suggests that “Revenge of the Mummy” will return basically the same as it was before.

When “The Mummy’s Revenge” closed, fans were simply told to expect it to reopen “in the summer,” and while she still has plenty of time to open that window, everyone is certainly waiting for her to return. While the other theme park is Universal Orlando Resort. There are two incredible and much newer roller coasters in Adventure Islands. “Revenge of the Mummy” is still one of the main attractions that can be found at Universal Studios Florida.

The original Reddit post repeats several times that the team members are told almost nothing, so they apparently don’t know any more than the rest of us about when “Revenge of the Mummy” will finally reopen. Considering how many people are obviously very interested, we can be sure that Universal Orlando Resort will announce the reopening date as soon as it can do so.


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