Which Glee character corresponds to your zodiac?


Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” was one of those shows that, at least for a while, was a cultural phenomenon. This demonstrated that the musical genre is not only alive and well, but also that it can be adapted to fit into a serialized teen series. There was something contagiously optimistic about this series, and the characters, even if disappointing at times, were nevertheless basically good people who wanted to succeed in this world.

These young characters are especially charming (and have amazing depth) if you consider the characters of Glee as zodiac signs.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on June 20, 2022: More than five years after the end of the series, fans are still arguing about the best covers, the best couples and the most ambitious characters of Glee. The series brought much-needed representation on teen television when it premiered, and the huge cast of memorable characters managed to perfectly reflect the personalities of people inhabiting the real world, even as the storylines became more outlandish. Now fans can spend time with their favorite characters again, as thanks to the merger of Disney and FOX, the show has found streaming on Disney+.

Aries – Sue and Karofsky

Sue Sylvester is one of the most interesting characters of Glee. Part of this is no doubt due to Jane Lynch’s inimitable acting, but it’s also due to Sue’s relentless ambition and passion. Although Aries are best known for their impulsiveness, they are also incredibly passionate people. Sue’s passion is cheerleading and often breaking up a glee club. Her constant intrigues against “New Directions” provide both dramatic excitement and comic relief.

Although Karofsky is very different from Sue, they coincide in zodiac signs. What they are similar in is their passionate views. Karofsky just got a little lost in high school, and he lashes out at others trying to figure out who he is.

Taurus – Finn and Biste

Glee is a series in which they know how to create characters who are equally sympathetic and furious, and only a few demonstrate this as much as Finn. While he’s a sweet guy and is certainly very loyal to those he loves (including Rachel, of course), he can also be incredibly stubborn, and this causes him to take some actions and say some things that he probably would have been better at. from avoiding. This loyalty is a distinctive feature of Taurus, as stubborn determination.

What is also true for Taurus is their resistance to change. Viewers see it in Coach Bist, one of the nicest and most supportive teachers at McKinley. Biste is going through a lot of difficulties outside of school, from an abusive husband to deciding on a transition. Biste can be a support for students, but the coach is very resistant to changes in his life.

Twins – Emma and Tina

Emma is Will’s main love interest for most of the series and the woman he clearly wanted to be with. Unfortunately for him, she has all the traits of Twins—both good and bad. She’s sweet and charismatic, but she has this fundamental disobedience of this air sign, which means she hurts Will too often, mostly because she’s focused on her own needs more than anything else.

Tina is also charming when she overcomes her shyness, and the glee club helps her in this. The club also helps her to make friends for life, as she can communicate with people in a completely new social environment.

Cancer – Mercedes and unique

Even in a show known for its vocal abilities, Mercedes managed to stand out in almost all the numbers of the Glee audience. She had one of the strongest voices in the glee club, and there were times when she was unquestionably the best singer. Like Cancer in Glee astrology, she was very devoted to her friends, but she also had another Cancer trait, namely a tendency to be more than capricious, and there were also a few times when she could be a little selfish. – in the center. While Mercedes was very sensitive to the emotions of others and could easily make friends, she always put herself first.

Fellow Cancer and a member of the second class of New Directions, Unique Adams is very similar to Mercedes in this. A unique person is someone who seeks to make friends and establish connections with the whole group and is deeply offended when people whom he considered his friends reject him. Both Mercedes and Unique are capable of holding a grudge when they are offended, but they are equally capable of forgiving easily, like many other members of the club. Mercedes often forgives Rachel’s actions, and Unique does the same with Ryder.

Leo – Blaine and Sam

Although he was not a member of the original club, from the moment he appeared, Blaine bewitched both Kurt and the audience.