Which gamer microphone to buy? Details


Streaming games is increasingly common in the gaming community. Whether to show your gameplay to friends or to do it professionally, platforms like Twitch make this activity a lot easier. In addition, the consoles themselves allow players to share their games live, so anyone can watch.

However, allowing others to view is only part of good streaming. After all, the fun is in seeing the game being commented on by the player, or in his interaction with those who are watching. And that is where a very important tool comes in that is sometimes overlooked: the microphone.

With so many options available, you need to know which microphone to choose for someone just starting out, or what is the best model to upgrade. This is what you will see below.


The first question you must answer when buying a microphone is: what kind of content do I want to produce? If you just want your friends to see you play, simpler models will do. On the other hand, if you want a microphone for YouTube, a model that has a better pickup or a lapel microphone may be more interesting options.

If you plan to work with podcasts or want your videos to sound cleaner, it is important to be careful with models that can pick up ambient noise. More sensitive models, such as capacitors, will need auxiliary equipment, or should be used in places with maximum sound insulation.

Type of funding

The type of recording is also an important detail and will directly affect the audio quality and the microphone price. The most common for those who produce streaming content are condensers, dynamic and omnidirectional.

Condensers are the most sensitive and, therefore, the ones that will better capture the voice. The problem is that if your computer makes a lot of noise, it will interfere with the recordings.

Dynamic microphones are the most common models for capturing voice. They are less sensitive to ambient noise, but they also need to be closer to the source. Therefore, a pop filter is indicated for these models.

Finally, a very popular option is omnidirectional microphones. They have a 360º uptake, but without suffering from noise. Lavalier models are often made with omnidirectional microphones.

Now that you know the basics, get to know some models and see which one is the best for your needs.

Desktop Microphone, Docooler

A model for those who just want to chat with friends while playing online, the Docooler PC microphone has the 360 ​​° adjustable neck as its main feature. It also has a plug and play USB port, that is, just connect it to the PC and start using it.

Warrior PH255 LED Gamer Microphone

An omnidirectional microphone option for streaming audio in games or streaming video, the Warrior PH255 also has a system that helps to reduce ambient noise, making the audio cleaner. It has a flexible metal body, which offers greater durability and prevents possible damage, in addition to having LED lights to make your transmission more personalized.

HyperX Gamer Microphone, HyperX

If you already intend to start with a more professional gamer microphone, or want to upgrade to a higher quality model, the HyperX Quadcast is one of the best options available today. Its main highlight is the four auditory profiles – stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional – that allow to make finer adjustments for different situations. In addition, you can also connect it directly to your console or PC, making it even easier to use.


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