Which Earned More to the Local Investor This Month: Bitcoin or Gold?


The gold and crypto money markets have been partially active over the past few weeks. So, which investors have earned more by investing in recent weeks?

Known for their sudden movements and fluctuations, Bitcoin can provide investors with huge amounts of earnings in a very short time. Bitcoin price can also drop suddenly and upset investors. Gold, which is generally seen as a safer port, can perform much more stable compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Which Earned More?

Although gold generally shows less activity than Bitcoin, the situation has developed a little differently in recent weeks. Because domestic investors have earned more by investing in gold rather than Bitcoin in the past few weeks.

According to data from sites like Coingecko, the price of Bitcoin was about $ 9 thousand 430 a month ago (around $ 65,000 at the rate of that day). We can see that the instant price of Bitcoin in domestic stock exchanges like BtcTurk is at the level of 63 thousand 600 dollars.

In this way, we see that an investor who tries to sell the Bitcoin he bought a month ago will hurt. However, this investor may have sold Bitcoin, which it had bought from 9 thousand 430 dollars a month ago, at 9 thousand 700 dollars a week later. In response, we can say that gram and quarter gold investors are in the snow even now. Quarter gold with a sales price of 622 liras a month ago is now 656 liras.

We see that gram gold, which was sold from 378 lira a month ago, is currently sold from 399 lira. This is the case, a quarter ago and / or grams of gold investors earned a 5 percent gain.

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