Which combination of Gordian Quest Party is better (and why)


Since Gordian Quest is out of early access, players who are looking for squad squads to overcome the most difficult game difficulties have no shortage of options, but there is a perfect combination of character and class for those who need the best. For the full version of Gordian Quest, a fourth act was added to the campaign, as a result of which its estimated duration increased to 15-30 hours. In addition, a new adventure mode has been added, designed to offer players new challenges at the end of the game. With these new additions, even players who could handle the toughest challenges may want to shake up their strategy.

There are ten playable characters in Gordian Quest, each with four starter decks: a common deck for their class and three more specialized decks that act as subclasses or archetypes. In addition, regardless of the chosen starting deck, there are three skill trees for development, each of which corresponds to a certain style of play. Because of this extreme level of modular customization, there are viable party builds that suit almost all preferences, but one of them is arguably more versatile than the others.

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The first step to building this group is choosing the cleric Catherine as the starting character. All the cleric builds in Gordian Quest are strong, and since players start the campaign with only one member of the group before acquiring a second member, Katerina is a good choice. Regardless of what specialization she uses, Katerina’s skills allow her to succeed in dealing damage in the same way as in other more traditional damage-dealing classes, already from the first level. The Mender deck is more focused on defense and healing, but it still has some quality attack skills, and the player is accompanied early on by NPC allies who can focus on dealing damage until the other members of the group are unlocked. Any of Katerina’s specializations will work with this group, but the basic Cleric deck is an excellent jack of all trades.

The Best Gordian Quest Party May Be Familiar to D&D Players

As players of role–playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Elden Ring know, summoning creatures is a powerful tool in combat for a number of reasons. To facilitate this, Ida Druid makes a strong second member for this group. This build relies on the “Keeper of the Forest” specialization and some investment in animal kinship skills, which allows Ida to constantly summon animal spirits to help the squad. Ida can still do some damage, but most of her actions will be devoted to protecting herself and preserving the lives of her summoned allies. Animal spirits will deal most of Ida’s damage, and will also be able to act as meat shields for game characters, making them powerful and renewable tanks.

A great finishing addition to this party will be the Bard Naran. Naran succeeds in strengthening allies and weakening enemies, which are the only areas that are not actually covered by Katerina and Ida. Bards are known for their powerful support in D&D and similar games, and this is true here. In addition to Naran’s skills, this choice allows the group to fully utilize a new mechanic: the Gordian Quest synergy system. The most effective way to create synergy for group members is to strengthen and protect each other. When two characters reach a high level of synergy, they gain access to unique skills and combo abilities. The presence of Naral or any other reinforcing character in the squad greatly accelerates the process of obtaining synergy, and, of course, this is a powerful presence on the battlefield, no matter what.

On paper, this party is well thought out, covers all the necessary basics and includes three classes that are very strong both in Gordian Quest and historically in other role-playing games. Of course, there are other band compositions that will work well on any complexity or will be more effective when it comes to creating certain effects, where this one succeeds more generally. There are also other Gordian Quest classes, simpler for beginners in D&D and the RPG genre in general, which can add additional considerations for each player. However, these three must make up a powerful and balanced group that goes through Gordian Quest like a well-oiled machine.