Which Chris Hemsworth character corresponds to your zodiac?


Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor, best known for his role as Thor in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which he began in 2011 after the release of the first Thor. But since then, the actor has played a number of other roles. Hemsworth usually gets the roles of an attractive minor character or a purposeful military man.

This star of the Marvel cinematic universe has become a fan favorite in recent years, both as a Thunder God and as an actor in general. He will play Thor again in the upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”, which will continue the hero’s story after the events of “Avengers: Finale”.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on July 4, 2022: With Hemsworth appearing in four Thor films in addition to teams from the Marvel cinematic universe, he has become a favorite of action and superhero fans, demonstrating equally the skill of both comedy and drama. But action heroes and action stars aren’t the only characters he plays, and his range can be seen in his filmography, including the 2022 Netflix original “Spider’s Head.” In the characters of Hemsworth, everyone will find something for themselves.

Aries – Kim (home and away)

Hemsworth’s breakthrough role was the role of Kim Hyde in the Australian TV series Home and Away, so it seems appropriate that the character fits as the youngest zodiac sign. Aries is often considered impulsive and reckless decision-makers, but the truth is that they are passionate people who prefer actions to plans.

Hemsworth is just like Kim, a teenager who moves to the city during her debut on the program and butts heads with many people, including her own father. Kim tends to enter into a relationship without thinking about the consequences, and this puts him in sensitive situations more than once. During his performances, Kim really becomes more mature, but still retains his fiery nature.

Taurus – Taylor Rake (extraction)

Hemsworth had many heroic moments in the “Evacuation” as a mercenary of secret operations Taylor Rake. Taylor is incredibly determined to protect the young man he was hired to guard throughout the film, even when things don’t go according to plan at all.

Taylor is even offered more money to give up the boy he was supposed to save, but he refuses. This sense of duty and pure determination to complete your task is very similar to Taurus, who is always reliable.

Gemini – Kurt (Hut in the Forest)

“Cabin in the Woods” does a fantastic job of breaking down the patterns of a typical horror story in many ways. Each of the characters is designed to play the role of genre stereotypes: athlete, frivolous, fool, scientist and virgin.

Kurt was an athlete, but he always demonstrated that he was incredibly kind and smart, unlike many athletes from horror movies. This makes Kurt look very much like Twins, and when engineers started spreading different things in the air to change the personalities of the characters, Kurt becomes a more aggressive jerk, showing him a different (artificial) side.

Cancer – Eric the Hunter (Snow White and the Hunter)

Hemsworth played Eric the Hunter in the films “Snow White and the Hunter” and “The Hunter: Winter War”. The role of the Hunter in the tale of Snow White is the perfect personification of the Cancer sign.

A hunter is hired to kill Snow White and put her heart in a box to deliver it to the evil queen who wants to be the most beautiful on earth. He was swayed by his heart, as the queen promised to bring his late wife back to life. Eric is rude in everything, but definitely cares about others more than he wants to show. Cancers easily find a common language with people, because they understand their emotions very well.

Leo – Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

There are some things about Thor that don’t make sense, and while some fans may have thought of him as Aries because he’s a bit impulsive in the early films, the truth is that Thor is best suited for the role of Leo. He likes to be the one others turn to, and he is a natural leader. There is a whole nonsense that he knows that he is the most beautiful Avenger, that he is the strongest Avenger, and just doesn’t understand how others don’t see it.

Even in the Finale, when he becomes “fat Thor,” he does it with Leo’s classic tantrum; his ego and pride were hurt, and so he gave himself up to beer and food. Thor is warm-hearted, with a great sense of humor, and he likes to find comedy in life. He’s incredibly funny and likes to be treated like the god he is.

Virgo – Owen Chase (In the Heart of the Sea)

Owen Chase was the first mate of the whaling ship Essex, and he was played by Hemsworth in the movie “In the Heart of the Sea”. Chase is incredibly experienced and really committed to doing his job properly at every turn.

He is deeply analytical and hardworking, making sure that the quality of his work is always on top.