Which character from the Wild West world corresponds to your zodiac sign?


The HBO series Wild West World has been revealing philosophical and technical mysteries for three seasons, and fans have always found new and intriguing discoveries in the popular sci-fi series. His difficulties about the meaning of the pragmatic nature of human existence are only reinforced by his charming characters.

Regardless of whether fans identify with the isolated visionary Dr. Ford, who conceived the “Wild West World”, with the lonely and diligent Bernard Lowe, who helped him realize his dreams, or with Dolores Abernathy, the first of his robotic creations, who destroyed it all, their personality traits often coincided so much that good because of their respective astrological signs.

Updated by Kailina Pierce-Boen on August 4, 2022: “The World of the Wild West” returns in the fourth season, and with it new characters with special features were introduced, and the old characters found their own features and changed in an amazing way. As Halores continues her machinations to enslave humanity, she faces increasing resistance from outsiders and even some warriors who don’t quite believe in her mission.

Aries – Dolores Abernathy

Dolores Abernathy was the oldest hostess in the Wild West World Park and one of the first to awaken to reason. As soon as she realized who she was and the people who controlled her, she instigated a revolution to free the masters from human enslavement. Thanks to her fascinating narrative line, she remains one of the best characters in the series “The World of the Wild West”.


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