Which Actors Followed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Path From Entertainment to Politics?


Many may disagree, but politics and acting can be considered related careers. Success in both fields requires a connection with the masses, a strong voice, and the ability to act and achieve results. Therefore, it is not surprising that Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California without any problems after he became famous as a killer robot. And it is not surprising that many other veteran actors also followed his example.

Although someone may object that politics is easy for actors, one cannot but agree that the jumps and jumps that people have to go through in order to create a niche for themselves are extremely difficult. The chances of taking the place you are fighting for are always small.

It is natural for a person not to believe that an actor who has spent most of his life entertaining you on screens can be entrusted with the improvement of the province. Despite the obstacles, many representatives of the acting industry remained politicians. And in the 2022 election, some of our favorite actors took it upon themselves to make changes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sets an example for actors coming into politics

One of the most influential moments in the history of California was when Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the best bodybuilders and the highest paid actors, took the post of governor of California. In addition, Schwarzenegger became governor in 2003. And his term lasted until 2011.

During his tenure as governor, Schwarzenegger passed a law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California in 2006, and also raised the minimum wage in the state.

In 2022, Ben Savage is running for city council from West Hollywood, California. The actor, who remained a central part of our childhood in “The Boy Learns the World,” believes that West Hollywood will face “serious problems” and thinks he is the right guy.

The votes in the midterm elections will decide whether Ben Savage will be elected to the West Hollywood City Council or not. Anson Williams is also running for mayor of Ojai, California. According to him, “it’s not about politics at all,” Fox News reports.

Who do you think will be able to make a political career as successful as Schwarzenegger? Let us know in the comments below.


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