Which actor starred in the most popular seasons of American horror story? Episodes


American Horror Story” has been around long enough to make its own list of recurring actors, but only one of them takes the place of an actor who has appeared in most seasons and episodes of “American Horror Story.” The horror genre has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, not only on the big screen, but also on television. One of the most successful and popular horror TV shows over the past decade is “American Horror Story”, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchak, which has been gaining popularity since its premiere in 2011, numbering 10 seasons.

“American Horror Story” is an anthology series, which means that each season is treated as an independent mini—series, and each of them is dedicated to a separate horror theme – from circuses (“Freak Show”) to witchcraft (“Sabbath”) and haunted hotels (“Hotel”). However, numerous references to other characters and events in different seasons have created an AHS-related universe, which is additionally supported by the return of different actors. Over the years, American Horror Story has created its own list of recurring actors, many of whom play multiple characters in one season, and some of them have become so popular with AHS viewers that their image is now inevitably associated with the series.

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Viewers of “American Horror Story” expect certain actors to appear every time a new season is announced, and although some of them have not returned to the show for years, as in the case of Jessica Lang, there is always hope for a reunion show. with some of his recurring actors. Of course, there are those who have appeared in almost every season and thus appeared in most episodes of the show, but only one actor holds the title of someone who has been in most seasons and episodes of American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson, whose AHS journey began as a recurring character and quickly became part of the main cast of almost every season.

Sarah Paulson has appeared in almost every season of American Horror Story, starting with the first season of Murder House, where she had a recurring role as Billie Dean Howard, a medium hired by Constance Langdon to communicate with her recently deceased daughter Eddie. After that, Paulson became part of the AHS main cast, playing at least one character in every season except 1984. AHS Paulson’s characters stand out for their tragic stories and complexity, and she even played several characters over a couple of seasons. as in “Freak Show” (where she played Siamese twins Bette and Dot Tattler), “Hotel” (Sally McKenna, also known as Sally for subcutaneous injections and Billy Dean Howard) and “Apocalypse” (Vilhemina Venable, Cordelia Goode from the Coven and Billy Dean Howard again). After skipping AHS: 1984, Paulson returned to the series in the 10th season of The Double Feature, where she played Tuberculosis Karen and Mamie Eisenhower. With these roles, Paulson has appeared in nine seasons of American Horror Story and 89 episodes, and it is confirmed that she will appear in the upcoming 11th season.

Paulson is followed in the list of actors of “American Horror Story” who appeared in most seasons and episodes by Evan Peters, whose AHS path also began in “Killer House”, where he played Tate Langdon. Like Paulson, Peters appeared in every season of AHS except 1984, and since he was part of the main cast from the days of “Killer House” to “The Double Movie”, he was an AHS actor who appeared in most seasons and episodes. It is also confirmed that Evan Peters will return in the 11th season of American Horror Story, so it remains to be seen whether Sarah Paulson will retain first place, whether Evan Peters will surpass him or there will be a draw.