Which 90-day Star Grooms Risk in Fashion after Weight Loss


Many actors of the series “90-day groom” have undergone serious changes in weight loss over the past year, and some of them have also dramatically changed their style of clothing. In June 2021, Tiffany Franco chose sleeve gastric resection to lose extra pounds. She has lost over 80 pounds in the last 12 months. However, she didn’t experiment too much with her fashion. She still likes to wear her peplum tops off her shoulders.

After giving birth to a child from Biniyam Shibre, Ariela Weinberg lost more than 50 pounds in a few months. Fans were shocked to see her postpartum physique in stunning short and bright Ethiopian dresses. However, the New Jersey native also overreacted and did not update her wardrobe after she lost weight.

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Like Tiffany, Angela Dim underwent weight loss surgery in August 2020, and by Christmas she was showing off her slim figure on social media. While many 90 Day FiancĂ© viewers applauded her fitness journey, they felt that her personality and style had changed for the worse after her dramatic weight loss. While Angela’s revealing and simpering outfits failed to impress fans, several TLC stars are taking a risk in fashion after losing weight and receiving praise for their new sense of style.

Brittany Banks

When Brittany Banks was featured in the film “The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way” with Yazan Abu Horira, she wore less open and loose clothes of soft colors. But after she dropped 70 pounds, she completely changed her wardrobe with glamorous outfits. Now she can be seen in stylish tight dresses that look perfect on her curvy body. Along with high fashion, aspiring rapper Brittany Banks likes to flaunt her flawless skin in images without makeup.

Annie Suwan

A native of Thailand, Annie Suwan did not say how much weight she lost after she began to lead a healthy lifestyle, but she is gradually reviving her old style of clothing. Although she still likes to post silly videos in her pajamas with her husband David Toborowski, her style has become more elegant and attractive. Now she loves sporty tight, sexy dresses with open shoulders and a neck cutout that show off a lot of skin and her new toned figure.

Winter Everett

Popular star of The Family Chantel Winter Everett has lost more than 50 pounds after gastric surgery. While she is working on achieving the desired figure, she is also risking fashion to discover her new style. Now she avoids wearing ill-fitting and dark clothes. A few days ago, Chantel Everett’s younger sister Winter Everett hugged her curvy figure in a pink bikini, which received a lot of praise from viewers of The Family Chantel. Since many of the actors of the 90-day groom are on a fitness trip these days, it will be interesting to see which of them will charm fans with their new style next time.