Where you can pre-order PlayStation 5; Amazon, GAME


The console will go on sale this November 19. All the details to reserve PS5 in store or on the web, prepayment and available models.

PS5 and PS5 All Digital can now be reserved in Spain. Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed during the PlayStation Showcase that its next-generation console will hit European stores — Spain included — on November 19 for 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively; on November 12 in the United States and Japan.

GAME Spain was the first to open the reserves, while MediaMarkt was the next on Thursday morning. They have also activated reservations Amazon and FNAC.

Reserve PS5 and PS5 All Digital at GAME Spain

The well-known chain of stores has reported through the social network Twitter of the opening of reservations of both models and the command, DualSense, which can be purchased separately for 69.99 euros. To be able to set aside a unit it is necessary to have a GAME member account.

Then, we will be given the option to choose if we want to make the reservation in store or through the web. In both cases, it is mandatory to pay as a down payment an amount of 50 euros that will be reduced from the final payment when the shipment is made (that is, 449 euros in the case of PS5 and 349 euros if we choose the digital model).

  • Reserve PS5 with disc player in GAME for 499 euros
  • Reserve PS5 All Digital in GAME for 399 euros
  • Reserve the DualSense remote control in white for 69.99 euros
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Pre-order PS5 and PS5 All Digital at Media Markt

The next to make a move has been MediaMarkt. With delivery estimated for the launch date, November 19, the chain offers the possibility of buying the product from its website with delivery to the store or directly to home. The methodology is the same as in other portals: we create an account, enter our address information for delivery, select a payment method …

  • Reserve PS5 with disc reader in Media Markt for 499 euros
  • Pre-order PS5 All Digital at Media Markt for 399 euros
  • Reserve the DualSense remote control in white for 69.99 euros

Pre-order PS5 and PS5 All Digital on Amazon

In third place we have Amazon, the digital giant that uses the largest number of users at the present time. They have been requested, but we already have the reservation of the console in the portal through Amazon Spain for the same price as in the rest of the shops. At this time, only the model with a disc reader can be reserved.

  • Reserve PS5 with disc reader on Amazon for 499 euros


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