Where to Watch Bad Santa Online (Netflix, Hulu, Prime)


Here’s where you can watch “Bad Santa” online, including on Netflix, Hulu or Prime. The 2000s were a kind of golden age of studio comedies with an R rating. Such films as “The Hangover”, “Super Bad” and “Stepbrothers” were distinguished by sharp humor and stellar comic ensembles. Bad Santa is another gem of that era, in which Billy Bob Thornton plays a thief who dresses up as Santa from the mall every year so that he and his assistant Marcus (Tony Cox) can rob them.

Bad Santa originated as a concept by the Coen brothers, and Terry Zwigoff of Ghost World later became the director. Actors such as Bill Murray and James Gandolfini were considered for the main roles, but Thornton turned out to be perfect in the role of a disgusting nihilist thief. Bad Santa is practically drowning in his own rudeness, but he is also strangely sweet in his own way. This is one of the reasons why the film has become popular among viewers who do not like holidays, along with films such as Batman Returns or Scrooge.

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The film was also a comfortable success, grossing almost $80 million after its release in 2003. Although “Bad Santa” is easy to find on the internet, it is not currently being broadcast on services such as Netflix, Hulu or Prime. Bad Santa is not available for viewing on any service, although it can be rented or purchased on many platforms for a price starting from $2.99.

Where to find a bad Santa Online

According to JustWatch, “Bad Santa”, which is often considered a modern classic, can be found on Amazon, Redbox, DirecTV, Apple iTunes and many others. Naturally, given the success of “Bad Santa” and its enduring appeal in the following years, there began to be talk of a sequel, although it wasn’t until 2016 that Thorton and his co-stars Cox and Brett Kelly reunited for one. Unfortunately, “Bad Santa 2,” which also included Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks, wasn’t worth the wait as it lacked the wit of the original.

“Bad Santa 2” also failed financially, making the third film questionable. Although the sequel was a disappointment, the reputation of the Worst Santa seems to only grow every year. This film also became one of the last projects for fellow filmmaker John Ritter, who previously worked with Thornton, and one of the most popular Hollywood villains J.T. Walsh on the famous Sling Blade. Ritter died suddenly at the age of 54 after falling ill on the set of his sitcom “8 Simple Rules… for dating my teenage daughter.” It took place a few months before the release of “Bad Santa”, and this film became the last live role of the star.


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