Where to use Nightwatch contracts in Genshin Impact


Exploring the Immernachtreich Fortress as part of the “Immernachtreich Apocalypse” event quest in Genshin Impact, travelers will discover unique event items called Nightwatch contracts. These sealed letters are kept in Precious Chests hidden in the Fortress of Immernachtreich. Each chest contains only one contract with no other notable loot. According to the description of the item, the contract “Night Watch” is “drawn up and signed by a Professional and is used to authorize the opening of a navigation site” in Genshin Impact. Naturally, travelers will be curious about what these “navigation sites” are and where they can be found.

The “navigation sites” of the Nightwatch contracts in Genshin Impact refer to the Nachtraben Airlines of Twinning Isle, an unlockable fast travel system that uses wind currents as a means of rapid travel. At each of the observation decks operated by Nachtraben Airlines, travelers will meet a Night Raven flight attendant. Granting one of these assistants a contract for the Night Watch will give him permission to unlock the Wind Currents leading to the next navigation section. There are five sites in total, and a “special prize” awaits the player on the fifth.

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To get started, quickly get to the waypoint on the north island of Twinning Isle in the Golden Apple archipelago. Then head south and glide to a small navigation pad with a view of the south island and the beaches below. On a small platform protruding from the ridge, players will find a Night Raven stewardess occupying a small table. Talk to the statue and give her one contract for the night watch to open access to another viewpoint. From here, there is no need to know the exact location of the next stop, since Wind Currents will take the player directly to the next flight attendant of Nachtraben Airlines.

Using Nightwatch Contracts in Genshin Impact

However, to simplify things, Genshin Impact players should consider choosing Nightwatch contract navigation sites in the following order:

The first location to use the Night Watch contract: Mid-Mountain stop The second location to use the Night Watch contract: stop at the top of the third location in Genshin Impact to use the Night Watch contract: Castle Lookout stop The fourth location to use the Night Watch contract: Night Raven Boss Stop The fifth place to use the Nightwatch contract: Flight Master Stop

If fans are wondering exactly where the Wind Currents are taking them, they can open their map and look for small rectangular platforms with a wooden texture. Four such platforms are scattered around the twin island, and the last place to deliver the contract for the night watch is on the connecting towers in the northwest. Talk to the flight manager to get a “special reward”.


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