Where to Get sweet Caribbean bacon in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Kapiba’s sweet lard is an unusual resource in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which the main characters can use to create gems, powerful accessories similar to pendants that give members of the group various performance improvements. Such stat buffs can make a significant difference in combat, giving character units more opportunities to deal damage or avoid it. For example, in the case of Sweet Kapiba Lard, this resource can be used to create Lifebearer III, a Healing Stone in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that increases Healing by 25. When using such a Gem, supporting main characters such as Juni and Tayon or Healing Heroes such as Fiona and Valdi will provide the team with a much more powerful HP recovery.

Accordingly, those who want to create Lifebearer III and other gems need to know where to find and process the fat of sweet capiba in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Fortunately, finding this resource is not so difficult, since it can be found in the early game. Aionios district, Fornis region.

As the name of the item suggests, Sweet Kapiba Lard comes from Kapibas, small rodent-like monsters that resemble capybaras with a long twisted tail. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, capybas come in light brown and purple variants, from which you can get sweet fat capybas. Light brown papillico capybas can be found in the Fornis region, and they are level 17. The level 25 purple-furred capyba Chapis are slightly stronger and inhabit the Dunnah Desert in the kingdom of Thorn, also known as the Dunn Region.

Capiba’s Sweet Lard Farming in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Those who want to effectively grow sweet capiba lard, it is recommended to hunt papillico capibas in the Fornis region. These lower-level creatures can be destroyed faster, making them an easier target for mining gem resources. Capybara branches also fall out of these mobs, another material used for crafting. Sweet lard of capiba is not uncommon, but it falls less often than branches. Therefore, players need to know the best strategy for effective capybas farming in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Here are the steps to get the lard of sweet capiba in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

Step 1. Discover Killie Force, a landmark in the Fornis region, next to the Tonic Waters River in the southwest part of the Ribby Flats. Go back to Killie Force. Step 4: Repeat the cleaning process to feed as much sweet capiba fat as necessary.


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