Where to Find Wisp Nectar in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


Wisp Nectar is a drop—down monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that can be used for various purposes, for example, to create or fill collectible cards for colonists. The Collectopaedia Card system is a quest in which players must collect certain materials found around the world by Aionios. After receiving the required amount of the target resource, the player can register the item in his Collectopaedia cards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Making requests for these cards gives the group members experience and proximity to certain colonies. Accordingly, finding where to get Wisp Nectar in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an attempt worth the player’s time and effort.

Like Igna’s Weapon or Ardun’s Horns, Wisp Nectar contains in its name the name of the monster correlating with the resource — Wisp. The Lights are a recurring enemy mob in the Xenoblade universe, which is characterized by an insect—like appearance of fireflies and wasps. Despite their small size, the lights are more than capable of harming those who are not ready to fight them. Accordingly, players are advised to complete the appropriate level and equip well before encountering these aerial creatures.

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The Wisp Nectar resource in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 falls out of the Wisp variants known as Kroda Wisps, which inhabit swamps and marshy areas. In particular, adventurers can hunt these monsters in the wetlands southwest of Camp Headwater. This holiday destination is located near the southernmost tip of the Cadencia region, near the entrance to the region of the castle of Kevesh. Kroda Wisps are set to a relatively higher level, starting at level 41. Those with a group of a similar level should have no problems dealing with these bugs, but players with units below the level are encouraged to return when they are properly prepared.

Wisp Nectar Farming in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

It should be noted that Wisp Nectar will not always fall out of Kroda Wisps, as there is a chance that other material will fall out of it, for example Wisp Sun Beads. Thus, players may need to farm several mobs before getting the desired amount of Wisp Nectar. A practical strategy would be to clear the area and then proceed to Skip the trip to nearby attractions to revive the Croda-ogonki monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Repeating this process several times should lead to players having a lot of nectar of ogonki.

As already mentioned, these insect enemies are formidable, but far from complicated. However, players should be careful not to pull too much at once and not get overwhelmed. It is important to keep an eye on the red skull icon in the upper right corner to make sure that players face the appropriate number of enemies in a given battle scenario.


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