Where to find the Pillowcase Room, the Mushroom of Death, the Pumpkin Popper in the Chronicles of Xenoblade 3


Once players meet Camilla at the Colony 9 Commissary store, she will ask them to find Pillowshroom, Death Mushroom and Popper Pumpkin in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the newest installment of the series released for the Nintendo Switch. As soon as players talk to Camilla, they will be able to see her request in the Collectopaedia Cards quest list for Colony 9.

Collectible cards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are quests in which players go in search of various items scattered in the wild, or on a hunt to kill a certain enemy. To get a Collectopaedia card, players need to talk to people with dialogue markers; after receiving, look at the Tasks tab in the menu to see all open quests with cards from the Collectopaedia collection — a fun feature of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Collectopaedia Card quest for Camilla in the Colony 9 store requires players to find Pillowshroom, Death Mushroom and Popper Pumpkin. All these items can be found throughout the Aetiya region. Once the players have collected the necessary items, they will be able to complete the quest by looking at the Collection card and registering the items. Players can complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collectopaedia card quests as many times as they want to earn experience, gold, SP or Synthesis, but with each subsequent completion, players will receive fewer rewards.

How to Find a pillow, death Mushroom and popper pumpkin in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Pillow mushrooms can be found throughout the Alfeto Valley in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They appear more often at the eastern entrance to the valley. When players approach the pillows, they turn into mushrooms with a red hat, so players will not be able to distinguish them from other mushrooms.

Death Mushrooms can be found relatively early in the game on the Plain of Eternal Light in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Look for large stones there, and players can find a Death Mushroom nearby. Death mushrooms can also be found next to the first Soldier Husk once players have discovered the mechanics of Noah. The mushroom will be in a niche in the east. When players approach the Death Mushrooms, their icon will be a mushroom with a red hat, very similar to the pillow mushrooms.

The third and final collectible to complete Camilla’s Collectible Card quest is a Popper Pumpkin, which can be found in the south and southwest of Colony 9. Players must keep an eye on an icon that looks like a white carrot; unlike mushrooms, players can collect various items from these icons. Popper Pumpkin is one of them, so it involves a sufficient number of RNGs. Keep looking for white carrot icons in the south, and eventually players will find Popper’s pumpkin. There are rewards for completing quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and when players register all three items to complete the Collectopaedia Card quest for the first time, they will receive Affinity, Experience, and Apprentice bracers.


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