Where to Find the Nightmare Chests in Destiny 2


After defeating the last Nightmare in Destiny 2 Nightmare Containment, the action will be blocked and two random doors will open. Access to the door panels will open two treasure chests that can be opened for additional loot. There are five unlockable doors around the Abandoned Leviathan Castle. Players will only have two minutes to find and open the chests before the public event starts again.

The “Ghosts” season brought many new changes to the game, most notably the return of Leviathan. Kalus has filled the ship with an army of Nightmares. Some old enemies were resurrected by the Emperor in this way, for example, the Cripple, the sniper in Destiny 2. The main seasonal activity is called “Nightmare Containment” and serves as a way for Guardians to bind powerful nightmares. This public event resembles the old Mars Warmind event, because both events can be performed indefinitely.

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To begin Containing the Nightmares, the Guardians must go to the Abandoned Leviathan. On the Destination tab in the menu, select “Castellum Landing Zone” and select “Containment”. This mode is primarily intended for players who want to participate in a public event, and the process will be faster with more Guards. The event has three levels and starts whenever the Nightmare Harvester is placed in the specified location. In the first two parts of the task, players will defeat waves of enemies. The third level generates one of three special powerful Nightmares that change every week. Upon completion, a chest is awarded. Additionally, 500 Horror leftovers can be spent on a relic to get more gear in Destiny 2.

Search for chests in Destiny 2 in the Nightmare Content mode

Before going in search of chests during the lockdown period, players must install a cache detection mod on their Ghost. This will allow the Guards to find prey from afar without going through every door. The first two possible spawns are in the corridors to the right and left of the boss arena. The third door is located on the upper platform near the entrance to the Pleasure Gardens. By turning left from the third chest and following the path back to the landing zone, players can see another possible spawn using the tracking mod. Continuing along the path, the Guards can find the last door to the right of the corridor of the ground zone.

Players should always spend two minutes scanning an Abandoned Leviathan in search of two chests. Along with other rewards, they are very likely to contain a Luxury Key in Destiny 2. In addition, finding chests to contain nightmares can be incredibly useful and serves as a quick break between public events.