Where to find radishes and apples at Genshin Impact


We tell you where you can find radishes and apples in Genshin Impact, along with their location on the map and the recipes and effects available.

The adventure we live in the Genshin Impact universe is very complete: we can climb, fight, swim and, of course, cook. Preparing dishes of all kinds will give us a wide range of benefits, among which is to heal ourselves and increase our attack, for example. To become masters of the stove, we will need to collect and store a large number of ingredients, among which apples and radishes stand out for the amount of dishes we can prepare with them. Next, and as part of this complete guide, we will tell you where to get and prepare them.

Location of radishes and their recipes

If you want to get a considerable amount of these vegetables, we advise you to visit the Dawn Vineyard, where there are several plantations of radishes and carrots. In the same way, in the house in the area called Stone Gate we can find them planted. It is also interesting to investigate areas that shine like carts and barrels, as well as send our characters on expeditions whose reward is radishes.

The dishes that we can cook once we have enough are the vegetable radish soup if we combine it with a mint and the fried radish balls if we also have flour and pepper.

Location of apples and their recipes

The trick to getting apples quickly is to attack the trees we see them growing on. In this way, the fruits will fall and we can easily pick them up directly from the ground. On the other hand, in Villa Qingce there is an altar where we can collect five apples.

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The main effect of apples when consumed without cooking is that it makes our character recover 300 points of life. We can use it for cooking


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