Where to find pine nuts and Solsettias in Genshin Impact


We show you where you can find pine nuts and solsettias in Genshin Impact, as well as their usefulness as ingredients and others in the miHoYo game.

Genshin Impact does not stop growing. Month after month, miHoYo strives to launch new updates and content to keep their work fresh. This time we are already immersed in version 1.2 and the next one, 1.3. Will soon arrive, which will bring new characters such as Xiao to place it in the sights of all players and make it playable. But that is not the reason for this post, but rather to indicate the location and usefulness of two items such as pinions and Solsettias. So first we can think that they have no use, but we assure you that they do and in fact they are among the most sought after objects currently. What is this about? We tell you everything as part of our complete guide.

How to get pine nuts and what they are for

Location: under the pines, a type of trees that we find scattered throughout the map. In particular, if we want to find a good number of pineapples with pine nuts, we can go to the north-western part of Mondstadt and the surroundings of the city. As you can see on the map, we will not lack pine nuts if we walk through the nature of the region and search well.
Genshin Impact where to find Solsettias pine nuts recipes ingredients PC PS4 PS5 iOS Android miHoYo

Thanks to this ingredient we can cook what is considered the best curing dish, the “Mondstadt potato omelette. Eating it will restore 30% – 34% of maximum life in addition to 600 – 1900 additional life points, making it a more than necessary ally for the occasions in which we venture and fight with formidable adversaries.

How to get solsettias and what are they for

Location: in many fruit trees that we find from the beginning of the game. An example of this is leaving the city of Mondstadt and heading to the wooded area beyond the bridge. It has no loss, since it is one of the most common items in the game.


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