Where to Find Centuria Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak


Centuria Ore is one of the new top—rank ores that players can find in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Centurian ore, like other ores, is used mainly for the manufacture of various types of equipment. This requires players to unlock the Master rank, which can happen after the opening of the Elgado Outpost.

Elgado Outpost is one of the new locations in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion. It adds a storyline to the main game in which the Elgado region is threatened by three new powerful monsters called the Three Lords: the Elder Dragon Malzeno, the gorilla-like Garanholm and the ice wolf-like Wyvern Lunagaron. In addition to these new monsters, players can explore the ruins of the Citadel Castle.

The Citadel is the only place where players can mine Century ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. In addition to the unlocked Citadel and Sunbreak quest chains, to access this area, players need to unlock Master Rank to be able to mine Centuria Ore. As with other ores in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, there is no 100% guarantee that Centuria Ore will fall as soon as players get a Master rank and go on an expedition, but there are many mining nodes in the Citadel that need to be searched.

The location of the Centurian Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Century Ore can be found in the Citadel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in any of the white or blue mining nodes after players unlock the Master Rank at the Elgado Outpost. The best way to find them is to go on an expedition that is not designed in the same way as hunting monsters, so players have more time to find loot nodes. Players will also need to use Wirebugs Monster Hunter Rise to explore each of the areas and find loot nodes. The Citadel map is complex, and players will need time to figure out how to get to the various areas. Fortunately, there are a lot of white and blue mining modes scattered throughout the map, so players have a lot of chances to find Centuria Ore during an expedition with the rank of master.

Centurian ore is used to make five armors and equipment for a partner: Garanholm Helmet, Lunagaron Chain Mail, Jelly Coil X, Snow Spiral and Snow Chain Mail. In total, ten pieces are required to make these five pieces of equipment, so any extra Centurian ore can be sold for 1,420 gold each at any of the camps in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Centurium ore is hard to find, as is gold-cast ore in Monster Hunter Rise.