Where to find barrels of fishing rods in Fortnite Season 5?


How to complete the mission / challenge “destroy barrels of fishing rods”, from Week 6 of Season 5 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2.

One of the epic missions (purple color) of Week 6 of Season 5 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 asks us to destroy barrels of fishing rods. This Fortnite challenge / mission is called “destroy barrels of fishing rods”. In this section of our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide we tell you where to find barrels of fishing rods and how to destroy them

Fortnite Season 5: Fishing Rod Barrel Locations

This mission asks us to destroy a total of seven barrels of fishing rods, regardless of the game mode or if it is in the same game or throughout several. We leave you a map with multiple points on the island where we have found barrels of fishing rods

To destroy a barrel of fishing rods, we can use the pick, throw explosives at it, or shoot it with any weapon. These items don’t have a lot of health, so it shouldn’t take a lot to destroy them. Another method to destroy them is to build on top of them.

Taking into account the type of challenge we are facing, we recommend, as always, that you play Team Fight. Ideally, you should quickly fall somewhere with a large concentration of barrels of fishing rods, such as Lago Canoa, the small lake a little north of Ciudad Comercio. In this emblematic place on the map there are several barrels of fishing rods scattered throughout the area. Keep in mind that these objects do not reappear after being destroyed, so if a player from the enemy team or a teammate destroys barrels of fishing rods that we wanted to have destroyed ourselves, we will have to continue searching the map until we find other sites where we find more objects of this type to destroy.

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