Where to buy PS5; TTDV, MediaMarkt, Fnac, Amazon


We explain where to reserve and buy PS5 in Spain, all confirmed stores: GAME, Amazon, El Corte Inglés, Fnac, MediaMarkt, TTDV, Worten and more

PlayStation 5 has already gone on sale in Spain and Europe. Due to the current situation with the global pandemic, the launch of the new machine is carried out in a more limited way than in previous generations. The first consequence is that there are no single units in stores. All new stock that is arriving can be reserved exclusively online.

In this news you will be able to find the various updates of the chains about new stock notices and hours in which it can be reserved. There was a new wave of generalized bookings on December 3, at different times depending on the stores. All are already sold out.

We go on to detail all the options to reserve a console, always making it clear that the time between making the new reservation and the delivery of the console can be delayed for weeks (the new units on sale would arrive in mid-December).

“Your Video Game Store” will have stock very soon

TTDV, Taking advantage of the launch of its new website, will put units on sale “soon”. It is not known when. From the store they assure that they will reveal it through their social networks.

GAME, no more reservations announced

In the large specialized video game chain in our territory they also remember that there are no units in physical stores. Those who have their console previously reserved have it guaranteed; those who don’t will have to wait for new updates after the last wave on day 3 was sold out.

Game update

Worten, stocks sold out

The chain sold out its last shipment of PS5 on the 3rd at night, no more consoles announced


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