“Where these two just decapitate…” — the creator of “Deadpool” Rob Liefeld has a terrible idea for the new part of “Wolverine” by Hugh Jackman and “Mersin” by Ryan Reynolds.


Ryan Reynolds may be a funny person, but his creator Rob Lifeld is pretty terrible in his funny way. Then the creator of Deadpool teamed up with Ryan and gave Marvel one of the most successful superheroes. The total box office receipts of the first two films amounted to 782 million dollars. In fact, there are almost two years left until the release of the third film, and yet the MCU has already approved it for its fourth installation.

Although the films have been amazing so far, it’s not very easy to keep the audience interested, especially now when expectations are high. This may be the reason that Wolverine’s magic has returned. But now it gives even stranger ideas to Rob Lifeld.

Creator Rob Liefeld Is Getting Terrible At His Plans For Ryan Reynolds and Jackman
Just a few days ago, Ryan Reynolds via video announced the revival of Wolverine for Deadpool, and Hugh Jackman is playing the character for the last time. But the filmmaker Rob has a set of perverted ideas of his own. The creator shared his innermost thoughts about the characters in the Phase Zero podcast.

He claimed that it would be good for fans to watch them together, no matter what the storyline looks like, thanks to two amazing characters, Deadpool and Wolverine. His ideas began in a soft tone as he moved on to scenes such as watching two characters walk through a shopping mall or drive across the country.

But the situation quickly escalated when he suggested: “I mean, they both have a healing factor. I see a one-time healing factor when two people just decapitate each other and grow limbs, right? The two actors posted the video a day after Jackman’s inclusion was announced. At the same time, they explain the plot of the film, but in hushed voices. This is a reference to the character of Deadpool “The Silent Mercenary” in the movie “Wolverine” of that time, which caused a lot of criticism.

Fans received first-class entertainment from the duo. This further increased Rob’s curiosity about how else to explore their dynamics for the benefit of the film. The release date of Deadpool 3 is announced on September 3, 2024. Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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