Where the Crayfish Sing Actors and a guide to the characters


Where the crayfish sing cast and character guide. Directed by Olivia Newman from a screenplay by Lucy Alibar. “Where the Crayfish Sing” is an adaptation of the popular 2018 novel by Delia Owens. First announced in early 2021, production of the film began at the end of March 2021 and ended at the end of June.

The action takes place in Barkley Cove, North Carolina, in the late 1960s. “Where the Crayfish Sing” follows Kia Clark, a young woman who lives in a swamp and is looked down upon by the local townspeople because she is a stranger. Kiya loves nature more than people, feeling at peace in the swamp after years of taking care of herself after the rest of her family members were abandoned. “Where the Crayfish Sing” is told through a series of flashbacks that tell about Kiya’s life from childhood to adulthood, right up to the moment when she is accused of murdering Chase Andrews, with whom she previously had a romantic relationship.

The movie “Where the Crayfish Sing” has a decent cast with Daisy Edgar-Jones in the title role. Here’s a complete guide to the cast, who they play in the film and what other films and TV series they starred in.

Daisy Edgar-Jones as Catherine “Kia” Clark

Catherine Danielle Clark (known in the family as Kia) is the main character of the movie “Where the Crayfish Sing”. She lives alone in the swamp after her family—one by one— abandons her because of her father’s abuse. She is later charged with the murder of Chase Andrews, once the star defender of Barkley Cove. Kiya is played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, who is best known for her roles in the Hulu series “Normal People”, “Under the Banner of Heaven”, the series “War of the Worlds” and “Fresh”, in which she starred together with the Marvel Cinematic universe. Sebastian Stan.

Jojo Regina as Young Catherine “Kia” Clark

The younger version of Kii is a big part of the story, as the film explores her childhood and the difficulties associated with the care of her family. She is resourceful and finds ways to feed herself after her father finally abandoned her. The young Cue is played by Jojo Regina, who made her debut in the feature film “Where the Crayfish Sing”.

Taylor John Smith as Tate Walker

Tate Walker is one of Kia’s few friends who becomes a love interest. Tate is also one of the few people who believes in her, does not mock her and does not call her a Swamp Girl. Tate is played by Taylor John Smith, best known for his roles in the HBO series “Sharp Objects” starring Amy Adams. Smith also appeared in the films “You’ll Get Me” and “Hunter-Killer”.

David Strathairn as Tom Milton

Tom Milton is a resident of Barkley Cove and a retired lawyer who defends Kaye Clark in her murder trial. Tom is played by David Strathairn, who is best known for his roles in the films “Lincoln”, “Good Night and Good Luck”, “Godzilla”, “Secrets of Los Angeles”, “Alley of Nightmares”, “The Bourne Ultimatum”, the TV series “Space” and “Blacklist”.

Harris Dickinson as Chase Andrews

Chase Andrews is a big shot at Barkley Cove, a former star city defender. Chase is romantically involved with Kia, but soon shows his true face. Where Crawdads Sing focuses his murder case, in which Kiya is accused of his murder. Chase is played by Harris Dickinson, who is best known for his roles in the films “The King’s Man”, “Souvenir: Part II” and voiced the character Gurgin in “Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance”.

Where the crayfish are sung by Minor actors and characters

Michael Hyatt as Mabel – Mabel is the owner of the swamp store, who throughout her life treats Kia with kindness and love. Mabel is the closest thing to Kiya’s mother figure after her own mother left. Michael Hyatt is known for “Night Snake”, the TV series “Snowfall”, “Crazy Ex”, “Ray Donovan” and “True Detective”.

Sterling Macer Jr. as Jumpin — Jumpin is Mabel’s husband, co—owner of the swamp store. He sells mussels, and eventually Kiya makes a deal to sell him fresh mussels from the swamp. Sterling Macer Jr. is known for his roles in the films “Double Jerk”, “Lincoln Heights” and “Home Front”.

Bill Kelly as Sheriff Jackson. Sheriff Jackson plays a key role in the trial of Kia and believes that she really killed Chase. Bill Kelly is known for his roles in the reboot of the TV series “Wonderful Years”, “The Banker”, “Village Elegy” and “Pedigree”.

Garrett Dillahunt as “Pa” Clark – Pa Clark is Kiya’s abusive father who exiled his family because of his actions. Garrett Dillahunt starred in the films “Army of the Dead”, “Widows”, “The Mindy Project” and “Fear the Walking Dead”.

Ana O’Reilly as “Ma” Clark – Ma Clark is Kia’s mother, who abandons her after being abused by her husband. Ana O’Reilly starred in the films “The Maid”, “Fruitvale Station”, “Forget Sarah Marshall” and “Jobs”.

Logan McRae as Jodie Clark. Jody Clark is Kia’s older brother and one of the few siblings who return after leaving.