Where The Crawdads Sings Star Tells Reese Witherspoon about the connection of violent intentions they Shared before making the film


“Where Crayfish Sing” was a good departure from a summer dominated by action movies and superheroes, despite the fact that crayfish received mixed critical reviews. Among other things, the film promoted Taylor John Smith to the status of the main character. Reese Witherspoon produced the film, and this was the first joint project in which she and Smith worked. Despite the fact that they did not know each other before the film, there was a connection between the star of “Elections” and this rising actor. The star of the movie “Where Crayfish Sing” told Witherspoon about the connection of “Violent Games” that they shared before creating a romantic drama.

As the producer of the adaptation of the book to the film, the Legally Blonde star interviewed Smith and the lead actress Daisy Edgar-Jones to promote the film on behalf of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Before the interview began, she mentioned to the male lead that he seemed familiar to her, before saying that he looked like a former high school student. After the actors and director introduced themselves, Witherspoon brought up the subject again before Smith revealed how they (as well as Witherspoon’s ex-husband Ryan Phillippe) were connected to each other through the fan-favorite movie “Violent Games.” The star and the producer cheerfully and sweetly exchanged a revelation.

Taylor John Smith: I don’t know if you know this, but I played the child of your love with Ryan Phillippe in the pilot series of “Violent Games” for NBC.

Reese Witherspoon: What are you talking about?!

SMITH: Yes, yes.

Witherspoon: I’m seriously shaken right now.

Smith: I played your kid, so…

Witherspoon: Well, that’s the way it is. I thought it was something else, but now it’s become weird. I see it too, by the way. You look like my son!”

To say that the rising actor reminded her of her son was a great compliment. But when looking at Smith, there was a strange resemblance to Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband and son, Deacon Philip. He shares the facial structure of the elder Philip in combination with the blue eyes and blond hair of the Sweet Home Alabama star. I think there’s another name that looks more like Philippa and Witherspoon. Of course, Witherspoon and Philip disagree with the media about what their children look like.

It looks like this similarity worked for the Blacklight actor. In the unseen 2016 pilot film Violent Games, Taylor John Smith played Bash Casey, the love child of Sebastian Valmont and Annette Hargrove, opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar, who reprised her role as the already mature Catherine Merteuil. Unfortunately, the “Sharp Objects” actress didn’t play alongside Witherspoon, as she was remade in the reboot of “Cruel Games” with Kate Levering playing Annette. Despite filming the pilot, NBC dropped it and the producers bought the series to other networks before this new take on “Violent Games” was officially declared dead.

Of course, the original film became a cult classic, securing Witherspoon, Philip and Gellar as future Hollywood stars. Despite the popularity of the film, the actor of “I Know what You Did last summer” was not sure if he would want his children to watch “Violent Games”, because of the more racy scenes between him and his ex-wife, despite the fact that they appeared on social networks.

If you want to find out if the ending of the mystical drama remained true to the original book, “Where the Crayfish Sing” is now in cinemas. You can also view the big differences between the best-selling book and the popular movie. Among the film releases of 2022, there are other film adaptations that are worth paying attention to. If you want to review any racy scenes from “Violent Games,” you can stream the teen drama by subscribing to Amazon Prime.


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