Where PlayStation 5 Games Will Take Up on Console


One of the most curious about the PlayStation 5 is how much space the games will take, and the answer to this question was given by some games. The storage space needed by Marvel’s Spider-Man and Demon’s Souls has been announced.

With a little time left for the new generation game consoles, our excitement as players continues to reach the highest level. We hope that the brand new games that we will see with new generation graphics will give us a good experience with the stories they tell us as well as the graphics.

Speaking of games, one of the most curious things about PlayStation 5 is the area that games will take up on the console. Even today’s games now occupy 50 GB – 100 GB as standard, how would this be in the new generation games? Here we got a new answer to this today.

The dimensions of some new generation games have been announced:

The space needed on the console of some games that will be released for PlayStation 5 and will enchant us with its new generation graphics has been published today. Accordingly, Demon’s Souls will take up 66 GB of storage space of PlayStation 5, while Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will occupy 50 GB, and the Ultimate Edition version of the game will occupy 105 GB.

Considering the technologies and high-resolution textures offered with new generation graphics, we can say that these dimensions are actually quite pleasing. Because, as we mentioned, even today’s games occupy the same range. However, if you want to play more than 9-10 games on your console, you may need to invest a bit in storage space.

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One of the biggest expectations about the PlayStation 5 was that the console had an 885 GB SSD with 5.5 GB / s read speed. Although SSD will affect the gaming experience very positively, its capacity will probably not be enough for a player who wants to host more than one game at the same time.

Therefore, at this point, you may have to buy an external SSD disc to play more games on your PlayStation 5 game console. So you can download and store as many games as you want and play whenever you want without the hassle of deleting and reinstalling a game.


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